Lizzo on NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert is Lit

Lizzo has been on heavy rotation in my office and car for months. I’d be crankin’ her in the shoppe too but to say her lyrics are slightly explicit is…well an understatement…you’ve been warned.

When I found out she was playing the Aragon, I screamed out loud, but then cried when I went I saw the ticket prices. $300 each…damn Lizzo. That was a no go. However, I just ran across her performance on NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert. She tears down the walls! There’s a reason she’s one of the more talked about artists this year. Imma keep this super short and just post this geniusness here. Ge’chore children outta earshot…shampoo press getchu outta my hair…and ya-ya-yee.


11 Home Decor Instagram Accounts That You Should Be Following

We’ve all seen those posts about THE home decor Instagram accounts that you should be following and guess what…you already do. We all know the heavy hitters like Emily Henderson, Justina Blakeney, and Studio McGee, but I’ve got some hidden gems for you. I’m gonna bet that there is at least one account in today’s list that will be new to you. Up for the challenge? Let’s go!

Lumiere Lodge - Tazmania AirBnbLumiere Lodge    |     Photographer: Dearna Bond

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