Home Decor Trends — High Point Part 2

It’s been a few weeks since my trip to High Point, and I’m still designing and redesigning my home over and over and over again in my head. If you missed Day 1 of the Design Bloggers Tour, you can can catch up here. In a nutshell, the biggest trend was texture…it was everywhere, and you’ll see even more of it in this post.

Bethan Gray brass inlay credenza console at E.J. Victor


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Home Decor Trends — High Point Part 1

I’m not sure if there’s anything that could have prepared me for the experience of High Point Market. Having been to a trade show or two in the past I figured I’d see lots of fancy looking people wearing lanyards and a very large open space filled with booths — WRONG! High Point is basically a downtown area plus 2 massive buildings with like 8 floors each and multiple wings full of furniture. Each brand has a showroom…some small…some larger than the square footage of my house.

The Uber driver pulled up to the 2 main buildings, and he turns around and says, “Where to?”. Ummmmmm, dude, you’ve been driving people here all week…was kinda hoping you’d know. I hopped out, looked at him and said, “Wish me luck!”…he chuckled. This whopper of an event was 20 million times more massive than I thought it would be, and I was super thankful I flew in the day before the Design Bloggers Tour.

My first stop before the tour was Consort. An in person meeting with co-founders Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone…FANGIRLING ALERT! The colors and curves of their newest collection was lit. Also, they are 2 of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. Oh, and we also decided to make sconces out of my vintage earrings. If they ever come to fruition, mark my words, they will be in my master bathroom and hallway and dining room and well, everywhere.

Consort Furniture Co-Founders Brandon Quattrone and Mat Sanders

Ok, so let’s talk trends and home decor eye candy. I mean, that’s why you’re here, right?


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High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour

High Point Market…it’s the largest furniture trade show in the world. It’s basically like Fashion Week for furniture…and this year I’m going! All the latest furniture launches (I mean you should see the Rumba Crescent Sofa from Adriana Hoyos…srsly, woah! I can’t wait to sit my bum in that sucka), the newest trends, industry spotlights…yep, I get to experience it all. And lucky for you, I’m sharing all the deets here and on Instagram.

Rowe FurniturePhoto Rowe Furniture


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16 Modern Sofas I’m Drooling Over

After owning a vintage leather sofa for a year and using it as our main chill area in the living room, it’s trashed. Apparently we live like savages because we’ve totally and completely ruined that sucka. There’s now 2 gigantic holes in the center cushion where my daughter likes to dig her Barbie heels.

My son carved words and lines on the backing because it was “fun”, and the cushions are just plain old shlumpy. Mr. Beautiful Vintage Sofa, you were pretty to look at, but I’m over you. A quest for the perfect TV watching sofa, affordable sofa, modern sofa…leaning towards ivory sofa (cuz the kids won’t wreak havoc on that…ha right) has begun. I’ve scoured the ends of the interwebs to bring you 16 modern sofas I’m drooling over.

16 Modern Sofas I Want In My Living Room


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Josh Young Design House GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!

Wanna skip the post and head straight for the giveaway??? I get it, it’s fine. You’re fine. The winner will receive their very own 8×10 “Kyla” that will be in a 11×14 white matted, white frame. Scroll, scroll, scroll to the bottom to get all the deets and instant satisfaction. If you’re here for the post…thanks for stopping by and read on friend.

Instagram. I swear it’s the land of serendipity. Late last year I stumbled upon the Josh Young Design House gallery. Little did I know I was about to fall into one of the most wonderful collaborations I’ve worked on to date. Josh emailed me shortly after I pressed follow on his Insta account. Ummm, hello amazing artist who’s been featured in Vogue, GQ, Domino AND Apartment Therapy! Why on earth are you emailing little old me? My heart pretty much skipped like 57 beats. Please be something awesome! Please be something awesome! Please be something awesome!

Kyla — A collab, Josh Young Design House X House Of Hipsters avant garde statement artwork #statementart #thejealouscurator #portrait #vintage


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