DIY Holiday Gift Tag Printable

When Grace from The Big Reveal ask me to design holiday gift tags for her “Creative Ways to Package Holiday Cookies” post, I kinda jumped for joy (and declared myself insane). That’s totally normal, right? I know, I know, it sounds weird especially since we spent the entire week cranking out the Wildwood Speakeasy New Year’s Eve party last week. Grace had leverage though. She bribed me by showcasing them on Twin Cities Live today. And I can now say I was on TV…well, kinda. Ok, ok, my holiday gift tags were on TV with Laura’s nuts…technically NOT me, but hey, I’ll take it! At least I can say I know a TV star! Besides, I had started designing these a while back but became too busy to finish, but still itching to complete. This was just the nudge shove I needed to put on the final touches (and finally decide on a color scheme). I mean, they’ve only been sitting on my desktop since October. (I might be a bit of a procrastinator.)

Holiday Gift Tags Printable



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Free New Year’s Party Invitations

Hello my friends! It’s Day 5! We promised more and today we have more! Free New Year’s party invitation you can download for your very own Wildwood Speakeasy New Year’s Eve theme party! So what do you guys think of this shindig so far? Is one of my readers going to host this puppy? I better be getting one of these invites in the mail. I’ll be there with bells on cuz I’m crushing on this bash hard. Seriously, everything is just too amazing! As each post goes by it just keeps getting better and better! Well, let’s get to the goods here, shall we?

Free Speakeasy New Year's Party Invitations


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freebies — printables

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like free stuff, do you? Well, House of Hipsters decided to design a few printable quotes especially for you my little kittens! A couple lovely little 5 X 7s with a few of our favorite quotes for you to do with as you wish.

All you have to do is:
1. Pick which quote you like (or pick them all because they’re awesome).
2. Click on the link below to download (or on the quote itself because I like to make things easy on ya!).
3. Right click with your mouse to save the image to your desktop or downloads folder.
4. I made them 5 X 7 and gave you crop marks.
5. Print at 100% on 8-1/2″ X 11″ (for best results, take them to FedEx Kinkos and have them print them for you).
6. Use a ruler and an X-ACTO to trim along crop marks.
7. Pin to bulletin board, mail them as a postcard, or if you’re extra fancy, place one in a frame.
8. Easy peasy. Enjoy!

Which one is your favorite? Do you have a favorite quote? Let us know, maybe we’ll design it!


Shake It Off Free Printable Quote

someone was listening to some Taylor Swift today I think

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the lost art of letter writing

you might remember this post about urban girl office supply thanking me for purchasing a stapler. opening and reading that handwritten note made my heart all sorts of warm and fuzzy, and it got me thinking…we don’t write letters anymore. our mailbox overflows with catalogs, offers for credit cards and bills daily…however, if i’ve signed up for electronic payments, not even visa wants to write me these days. sure, i get texts and occasional emails from friends, but hardly a letter, unless i’m invited to a wedding…and i’ve even received e-vites for those. technology just can’t match the poignancy of a handwritten letter…and in some situations, there’s no substitute for one.

you know the letters i’m talking about, mainly because they stick in your head…you remember who sent them and why…that person took the time to pick up a pen, sat down and thought about the message they wanted to send you. they thought about how to word each sentence and wrote it slow enough that it was legible. you might still have it tucked away in a drawer.

being a graphic designer, i’m drawn to pretty and interesting designs that stand out…and much to the boy’s dismay, i refuse to pick up a box of boring, plain thank yous because they need to be written, we don’t have time to be picky and we’re already 2 weeks late. but i can’t help myself, i have to buy unique cards. besides, if i’m going to take the time to write them, they are going to look pretty damn it. in my mind, a unique card can matter just as much as the message inside. my goal is to make the recipient feel special and tell them why they are special to me.

below is roundup (yes, i know i just gave you a roundup of backpacks i couldn’t help myself) of cards i think are beautiful, unique and pretty. and that tom hanks t.hanks card cracks me up every time! just the thought of sending these out takes me back to the 1980’s. that time before we twittered and facebooked. they make me want to know my postal carrier’s name. i hope you enjoy them and as always, the sources are at the bottom in case you need them. you can also see more that i’ve pinned here!

yes ma'am hello cardyes ma'am hello cardpretty thank you cards from paper sourcepaper cookie hello cardyellow owl workshop chevron thank you cardthank you cards by yellow owl workshop and rifle paper corifle paper co thank you cardstom hanks t.hanks thank you cardthree insets of thank you cardsmerci beaucoup thank you cardyellow-owl-workshop-11

hello /// yes ma’am
neon pink letterpress thank you /// paper source
chalkboard thank you /// paper source
baby shower thank you /// paper source
a simple hello greeting card /// paper cookie
black and white chevron thank you /// yellow owl workshop
floral thanks ///rifle paper co.
certificate of awesome ///rifle paper co.
floral thank you /// rifle paper co.
floral temporary tattoos /// rifle paper co.
tom hanks t.hanks thank you /// paper source
you are so freaking awesome /// paper cookie
turquoise ombré thank you /// jp stationary
just a little note /// sugar paper
merci beaucoup thank you /// yellow owl workshop

anthology magazine | issue 12


oh happy day! issue 12 of anthology just arrived. i cherish the time on the train when i get to sit down and quietly read this magazine. no screaming children, no husband interrupting, no phone calls, no work…this time only happens 4 times a year people. all i would need to make my life complete would be a cup of coffee and a cozy blanket, and my life would be complete…although fellow metra commuters tend to frown when one pulls out their favorite blankie, so i refrain. i guess a cramped seat in the quiet car will have to do. beggars can’t be choosers.

anthology is a new quarterly lifestyle print magazine covering home décor, travel, design, entertaining, and culture…yes, everything i love. each issue explores a theme; this quarter’s theme is art and artists. before an issue is mailed a visual tease is released and a video is made. i don’t exactly remember how i discovered it, but it has inspired so many rooms in my home.

after its arrival, i have a very particular way that i read anthology. first, i tear open the cellophane wrapper and run my hands over the front cover; a nice heavy satin stock that only a graphic designer can truly appreciate. the weave is tight and almost has a plastic-y type of feel. i carefully open the piece to the editor’s letter page to read about the theme and key features. i then leaf through and slowly scan the pages taking in gorgeous image after gorgeous image. most of the time there are pages that stop me in my tracks and i have to take in every detail. at that point, i go back to the beginning of the article and start my first read. this will continue until i reach the end. flipping back and forth, kind of  like a choose your own adventure, until i reach the end. at that point, i go back to my favorite article or image and absorb each detail yet again…only this time, i’m shopping, iPad in hand, wallet nearby. in the back of each issue is a reference guide detailing where items were purchased. once my shopping needs are satisfied, i usually remember an interesting person that was featured; commence blog reading…because everyone has a blog these days, am i right?

the issue will travel in my totebag for the next week or so until i truly feel i’ve seen every detail there needs to be seen. i never throw my issues away; that would be a travesty. they usually make their way to my nightstand or end table in my studio. until the next issue arrives, i will still go back, looking for inspiration, rereading each thoughtful features and absorbing its stunning photography over and over again.