Channel Elsa — Let It Go

January seems to be the month of organization, and with it being so cold outside, that’s exactly what I’m doing. But, because I’m such a hoarder of all things vintage, letting it go can be a very difficult thing. Almost anxiety ridden. The process of letting go is hard, but once it’s complete, there’s happiness and a sense of calm. Here’s my 5 step process to organization, and how I’m going to channel Elsa, and let it go.

5 Step Process to Organization. My secret tips on how to declutter your home.


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Get Your Home Holiday Party Ready

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My neighborhood has a local moms group. Now at first thought that may not sound super awesome…or maybe it does? But it may conjure up thoughts of kids running around, babies crying, and talks of what preschool is the best. Ya no, this moms group is completely different. It’s our monthly excuse to go out at 7pm, sans children, drink wine, wear makeup, and feel non-mom-ish. Sometimes I even wear fancy shoes! Each month has a different theme at a different house. This month I’m hosting the Christmas party, and that means I’ve gotta get this house holiday party ready.

Get your home holiday party ready!

Since we are still fairly new to the neighborhood, only a couple neighbors have visited. The pressure is on…even though I know, it shouldn’t feel that way, yadda, yadda, ya…deep down it’s just the way I’m wired. I can’t help it. It’s not really a keeping up with the Jones’ per se, but more my perfectionism personality. It’s about creating ambience and wanting my guests to enjoy themselves, feel comfortable, and remember the time they spent at my home as enjoyable. So how will I avoid feeling frazzled for this soirée? I start by making a to-do list to get this home holiday party ready!


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Pink & Green Modern Living Room

Sometimes I like to play if I had a million dollars, I might makeover my living room. Late at night I start scrolling through Pinterest and get lost for hours. The other day, a funky green tufted sofa caught my eye, and it got me thinking. That beauty would look mighty fine combo’d up with a pretty pink somethin’ somethin’. About 3 hours later, this is what I came up with…because when you’re unemployed, you have time to be creative and play around.

Pink and green living room moodboard with hits of gold

And now that we will all singing Barenaked Ladies for the remainder of the day, let’s gather up all our monopoly money, play pretend, and spend that paper.


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Makers & Shakers — The Story Of A Rug Collector

Since I started this blog, I’ve met some incredibly talented people. Some artists, others collectors, some makers…all are pretty darn talented. Sometimes they’re nice enough to let me get up close and personal and share their story. Today I’m featuring Kim Gunter, rug collector extraordinaire and the brains behind Woven Abode.

Makers & Shakers — The Rug Collector Kim Gunter The Woven Abode


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Playing Favorites — 14 Etsy Pillows I’m Eyeballin’

I got 99 problems but a pillow ain’t one…well, that is until I try mixing patterns. Then I have all sorts of issues, but that’s a totally different blog post. My work around is if you buy enough pillows eventually you find the perfect mix. Solves all problems, am I right?

14 Etsy pillows I want right now

Most rooms in the new house are really starting to come together, and that means adding pops if color here and there. An easy way to do that is by adding pillows, but I don’t like spending a ton of money…and believe you me, when you start looking at Pierre Frey, Schumacher, and Kelly Wearstler prints, those suckas can cost a pretty penny. Lucky for you, I wrangled together 14 Etsy pillows I’m loving right now. 


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