Flash Sale For Charity!

I’m teaming up with Yellow Brick Home and Making It Lovely for one heck of a flash sale and the kicker…ALL proceeds go to charity. But we’re not just stopping there, we are raffling off so much goodness! Some srsly amazing sponsors have stepped up to make this one heck of a day. You DO NOT wanna miss this incredible event. You could win gift cards to Rejuvenation, Hygge & West, Article, and more! Plus A FREE NIGHT’S STAY AT THE ALL NEW ST. JANE HOTEL ON MICHIGAN AVE!!!!! Plus a framed Kyla Print from Josh Young Design House! Plus fun vintage items from The Savoy Flea and Strangelovely! Srsly, as I was writing this, I kinda couldn’t believe how big this event is going to be. Clutch the pearls! So you’re probably thinking dang girl, gimme the deets already. Alight, alright. Let’s get into it!

Flash Sale for charity. MORE AFTER THE JUMP…

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Josh Young Design House GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!

Wanna skip the post and head straight for the giveaway??? I get it, it’s fine. You’re fine. The winner will receive their very own 8×10 “Kyla” that will be in a 11×14 white matted, white frame. Scroll, scroll, scroll to the bottom to get all the deets and instant satisfaction. If you’re here for the post…thanks for stopping by and read on friend.

Instagram. I swear it’s the land of serendipity. Late last year I stumbled upon the Josh Young Design House gallery. Little did I know I was about to fall into one of the most wonderful collaborations I’ve worked on to date. Josh emailed me shortly after I pressed follow on his Insta account. Ummm, hello amazing artist who’s been featured in Vogue, GQ, Domino AND Apartment Therapy! Why on earth are you emailing little old me? My heart pretty much skipped like 57 beats. Please be something awesome! Please be something awesome! Please be something awesome!

Kyla — A collab, Josh Young Design House X House Of Hipsters avant garde statement artwork #statementart #thejealouscurator #portrait #vintage


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A Wall You’ve Never Seen Until Today — Meet The Frame

This post is sponsored by Samsung.

Confession — there’s a wall in my home you never see. The dreaded tv wall. A big black box eyesore that every home decor enthusiast tries to hide. Most people say, just deal with it, and I get it. That’s exactly what I’ve done. It’s a part of life. Almost everyone has a tv, and in my home, there’s no living without it. Function over form accepted — that is until now — meet The Frame TV by Samsung.   

The Frame TV by Samsung A TV that chameleons itself into art when not in use.


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7 Tips to Combat Dry, Winter Skin

This post is sponsored by Olay.

When the seasons change, so does my skin care routine. During the summer, Chicago is hot and humid so a sunscreen with a moisturizer usually does the trick. But winter skin is a whole ‘nuther ballgame. It gets itchy. It cracks. It’s red. And it’s just plain old uncomfortable. But I have a few tricks to keeps my skin looking heathy and silky smooth. For today’s post, I’ve partnered with Olay to share with you my top 7 tips to combat dry winter skin.

7 Tips To Combat Dry Winter Skin


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Get Your Home Holiday Party Ready

This post is sponsored by Sengled.

My neighborhood has a local moms group. Now at first thought that may not sound super awesome…or maybe it does? But it may conjure up thoughts of kids running around, babies crying, and talks of what preschool is the best. Ya no, this moms group is completely different. It’s our monthly excuse to go out at 7pm, sans children, drink wine, wear makeup, and feel non-mom-ish. Sometimes I even wear fancy shoes! Each month has a different theme at a different house. This month I’m hosting the Christmas party, and that means I’ve gotta get this house holiday party ready.

Get your home holiday party ready!

Since we are still fairly new to the neighborhood, only a couple neighbors have visited. The pressure is on…even though I know, it shouldn’t feel that way, yadda, yadda, ya…deep down it’s just the way I’m wired. I can’t help it. It’s not really a keeping up with the Jones’ per se, but more my perfectionism personality. It’s about creating ambience and wanting my guests to enjoy themselves, feel comfortable, and remember the time they spent at my home as enjoyable. So how will I avoid feeling frazzled for this soirée? I start by making a to-do list to get this home holiday party ready!


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