DIY Vintage Headpieces

IT’S DAY 6! I don’t mean to shout, BUT IT’S DAY 6!!!!!! I hope you guys have had as much fun with the Wildwood Speakeasy New Year’s Eve party as we have. I know I’ve said this before, but seeing it all come together has been so exciting. This past week has been like Christmas every day. Each morning I race to my computer to see what Laura from Avery Street Design and Grace from The Big Reveal have written and created. Since we aren’t neighbors, we really don’t get to see the full post until it goes live. Just a couple texts of pictures to make sure we’re all on board. Each post has been so insanely beautiful, I can’t even stand it. These ladies are truly talented and working with them has been just dreamy. But alas, all good things must come to an end. For our grand finale, Grace is going to wrap things up with a tutorial on gorgeous DIY Vintage Headpieces.

DIY Vintage Headpiece


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What’s In My Bag

I think one of the most fun and interesting posts I see bloggers do is the What’s In My Bag post. Maybe it’s me being nosey and curious, or maybe it’s wanting to know another lady’s favorite lipstick or reading material. I’m not sure. But one thing’s for sure, I carry EVERYTHING in my bag. Since my commute is 3 hours long round trip, my bag is pretty much an extension of my home. I need all the essentials on hand in case any unexpected emergencies arise. It’s filled with everything I might need, but I try to clean it out once a month or it starts to overflow so badly it can’t be closed. Today happened to be a let’s clean the bag day, so I decided to share my bare necessities with you. And boys, if you are reading this, any of these items will rock your girl’s Christmas morning, so read on!

What's In My Bag


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last days of summer

OMG! Summer is almost over! With Labor Day weekend quickly approaching, I’m in sudden panic mode. The dude is about to wrap up his days as a daycare toddler and enter full-time preschool. I haven’t nearly flea marketed enough. I need to sit on the back patio more often and relax by the fire. And most importantly, I really need to get to the beach. Lucky for me, I have an entire beach weekend slowly approaching (it can’t come soon enough) to Camp Wandawega. The boy and I rented a cabin, just the two of us to unplug and unwind. And yes, a trip to the Elkhorn Flea will be in order. I’m hoping to make fast friends with Tereasa Surratt and learn her wily ways to becoming one serious flea market professional. To make matters worse, right now Amanda Jane Jones is blowing up my Instagram with her week long stay at Camp Wandawega. Tick tock, tick tock! I’m quite impatient.

Amanda Jane Jones stays at Camp Wandawega

Photo by Amanda Jane Jones

But until my special weekend comes, I’m packing my beach bag in my head. Here are my 11 shore-side must haves for the end of my lazy summer days.

beach ready tote bag

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20 Fall Essentials

Fall Essentials - Fashion and Product Haul Must Haves

Hello darlings! Do you ever find the perfect jeans or lipstick and just want to tell that world about it? Or did you ever buy a shirt and think, “well that was disappointing” and two days later your co-worker was like, “oh i so could have told you that shirt sucked.” Well, I’ve try it out so you don’t have to! Kinda like a personal virtual shopper! For today’s post I’ve decided to share with you my tried and true purchases that I just can’t live without. My go-tos, my essentials.

1. CLARISONIC: My skin has not looked better since i started using the Clarisonic. Even the boy uses it daily. It gives you this awesome glow, and I feel like my wrinkles aren’t a deep as they use to be. They are a bit spendy, but the juice is worth the squeeze ($10 if you can tell me what movie that is from). It manages to get all the yuck off that a washcloth alone can’t.

2. EBERJEY PJs: Otherwise known as the best PJs on the planet. Seriously, so  soft to the touch, a classic look, and a lil bit of sexy is thrown into the mix here ladies…and they look amazing on to boot. Do yourself (and your significant other) a favor and go buy them now. You deserve to sleep in something other then that old crappy t-shirt from college.

3. PERFECT WHITE T-SHIRT: Daftbird makes the perfect white tee. So many t-shirts out there have this boxy look, and I don’t know about you, but that look does nothing for me. This one has a great figure-hugging silhouette. I like to pair mine with denim jeans and a long gold chain necklace…a classic, simple look for any season.

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