Beautiful Distractions No. 11

The weather has turned unseasonably cold in Chicago (a foot of snow last Sunday night), so I’ve been staying warm by the fireplace…perusing Pinterest and flipping through magazines. My two favorite pastimes that don’t happen as often as I’d like. Today I’m sharing some of my Beautiful Distractions, and I’m especially going gaga over my

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Beautiful Distractions No. 10

Can you believe it’s already back to school? The days have gotten a bit shorter, and I’m starting to accept that it’s fall. Things are ramping up here, and I’ve been finding inspo everywhere. Here are a few beautiful things that have been distracting me. MORE AFTER THE JUMP…

Beautiful Distractions No. 9

Ooooph. Was this week as weird for you as it was for me? Tuesday was an exceptionally difficult day that began with puking, no internet, and heaps of drama. It was so bad I thought for sure Mercury was in retrograde…ummmm, it wasn’t…I checked…it just happened to be a shit sandwich day that required a

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Beautiful Distractions No. 7

It’s Friday, plus a long weekend!!! Wahoo! Time for a few Beautiful Distractions. We’re talking about books to read, a sofa sale, how to style an Insta-home, pranks, Chicks With Plants, and more. I need a 15 minute break. How about you? Let’s dig in. Photo by Emilia Schobiri MORE AFTER THE JUMP…

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