7 Things About Me

It’s easy to forget that you may know a lot about my home but maybe not a lot about me. So I thought I’d pop in and list out a few things about me!

About House of HIpsters


I love shopping for makeup. Yes, I’m a self-proclaimed product whore. If it moisturizes, prevents wrinkles, lengthens lashes, or smells amazing, I’m all in. The girly girl comes out in full force. Gimme a spa day…facial, massage, body wrap, mani/pedi day…I’m a happy gal. If I could afford it, I’d spa day erryday.

I’m in a neighborhood moms group and am the co-president with my friend Ilana.

Yup, we gather once a month to drink and get a bit snarky. Most gatherings are themed…this next one is called PJs and prosecco, and I’ll be wearing these cuties. Next month we fill boxes with brushes, toothpaste, notebooks, water bottles, crayons, and more for underprivileged children across the world.

I dig cooking. Not meal prepping or daily dinners kind of cooking…I love cooking comfort food. Think luncheons and casseroles after church functions. Although it’s terribly unhealthy, the Wisconsin girl in me shines bright like a diamond when I break out a can of cream of whatever soup. It brings me back to my childhood. This fall I plan to share some of my favorite recipes.

I have sleep apnea…aka I snore louder than a sailor. A few years ago, I thought for sure I had chronic sinus issues. My teeth hurt. My face hurt. I had horrible headaches and was tired all the time. I went to see my GP…diagonsis was healthy. Maybe I had a cavity? Went to see the dentist…everything looked good. It was this visit that was my turning point. He asked me if I snored. After taking a sleep study, I found out why I’d wake up soaked in sweat…it was because I would stop breathing multiple times throughout the night. I don’t wear a CPAP but rather a mouth guard that keeps my jaw from collapsing. I’ve never felt better.

I’m on anti-depressant slash anti-anxiety medication. Zoloft to be exact. I’ve been taking them for over 15 years and have tried every drug from Effexor to Lexapro to Cymbalta to Lorazepam. After years of therapy, I’ve realized I’m not sad…yes, I may have a funk, dark cloud day, but it’s rare. I’m high strung and feel things deeply…that’s just the way I am. Lately, I’ve been feeling like maybe I was misdiagnosed way back when, and I actually have adult ADD/ADHD. Because I’m no longer in therapy, I’ve been googling who to see about an evaluation. So there’s that. I do feel the world would be a better place if we all took Zoloft. Everyone would be less snappy and more chill.

I love sushi and ramen. The Boy and I…pre-children…used to go on quests for the best ramen. Our favorite place is Hamura Saimin in Lihue, Kauai. Unless a local tells you about it, you’ll never find it. It’s old school mom and pop shop with counter service and 4 older ladies in the back cooking up srsly delicious noodles and lilikoi chiffon pie. Here’s a REALLY old blog post about that trip.

Yoga for life. Although I’ve fallen off the mat, I loves me some yoga. And not yoga at the local YMCA…I love walking into a yoga studio. The experience is different…calming. The first visit can be slightly intimidating, so if I’m new to a studio, I like to sit in the back. Scope it out. Speaking of Hawaii, I found the best instructor ever at Island Spirit…I wish I could remember her name so I could find her online. She legit changed my life.




  1. Julie September 12, 2019

    You have a Fab blog! I would be interested in your take on colors you like to see together. What pleases your eye?

  2. Mary C September 13, 2019

    I’m a Zoloft girl myself and now my daughter is on it too for anxiety. She also has ADD. I wonder sometimes if I am, I don’t watch movies as I can’t sit still and pay attention that long. I wear a CPAP too and if I don’t, I wake up tired. Thanks for sharing, we’re all human!

    • kyla September 16, 2019

      We ARE all human =) and it’s nice to know there are others out there like us.

  3. Patrick Weseman September 14, 2019

    So very nice. Looking wonderful. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Mint September 14, 2019

    “No artist tolerates reality.” – Nietzsche 🙂

    • kyla September 16, 2019


  5. Klaudia September 23, 2019

    You must be a great person! Anyway, you have brilliant shoes!

    • kyla September 23, 2019

      LOL, thanks! Everyone digs those shoes =)


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