Guest Bedroom Refresh With Drew Barrymore’s Flower Home and Walmart

Drew Barrymore just dropped an all new home decor line at Walmart called Flower Home, and it couldn’t be any more perfect! It’s a little bit boho, with a touch of glam and whimsy. So Drew, and right up my alley. Oh, and did I mention it’s completely affordable? Ummm ya. As of late, I’m under a pretty strict budget, so I thought this collaboration would be the perfect time for a guest bedroom refresh!

Guest Bedroom Refresh with Drew Barrymore Flower Line at Walmart



Since we bought the new house, this small space bedroom has been a revolving door of home decor that’s never quite worked. The ivory shagreen dresser I fell in love with at the flea market has had me stumped. It needed some height and a tiny splash of color to warm it up…but nothing too bright and wackadoo for me. Something subtle.

Interior Design Bedroom Moodboard - pink and boho with with Drew Barrymore Flower Line at Walmart

When I started playing with some of the pieces in the new Flower Home line, I basically redesigned a completely new bedroom in two point five seconds. Whoops! Srsly, that pink headboard is to die for! Channel back! Scallops! And pink! Oh my! I paired it with a Mid-Century Modern style lounge chair with mustard yellow cushion and an abstract rug that is currently on my must-have list. Drew, you did me good girl!

Then, of course, I stumbled upon her pink sofa and paired it with that cute little wine colored barrel back chair. The color combo is so yummy. I went back to the poufs, switched the color from pink to gold (also comes in peacock blue) and popped them into my mood board…and then I was like wait…this is supposed to be a refresh for the guest bedroom…not your office Kyla. Sometimes when you find something so good, the creativity goes wild. Must focus.

Interior Design Living room or office Moodboard - pink and boho with Drew Barrymore Flower Line at Walmart

Looking at both rooms of inspiration, I realized I had fallen hard for that adorable lamp with the face. Yup, adding you to cart mister man. I stepped away from both mood boards and sat in the guest bedroom and looked around a bit. That’s when I realized the space was missing one key component…a mirror. Drew has two in the Flower Home line. One that is oval and another that is asymmetrical…both are brass.

Dresser styling in guest bedroom with Drew Barrymore Flower Line at Walmart

Because I wanted to add height, I chose the asymmetrical, and let me tell you, it looks smashing. Cutie you’re just the height I needed. Added bonus, it reflects the one and only window for added natural light.

Loving this affordable face lamp with red shade from Drew Barrymore Flower Line at Walmart

Notice that fancy little black tray with gold handles? It showed up as a “you also might like” suggestion. Imma add you to my cart too! It’s not from Drew’s line, but it is available at Walmart. It’s oh so perfect for guests to wrangle their jewelry. I threw in a little card I designed for the Wi-Fi password for the house. The high black lacquered look is that little touch of glam that I’m always drawn to.

Because my time is a bit limited these days, I used the site to store pick up feature. A few days later I received a text message saying everything had arrived. Somehow lady luck was really on my side because I scored a front row parking spot…a rarity!

Dresser styling in guest bedroom with Drew Barrymore Flower Line at Walmart

After arriving back home, I immediately unboxed my new treasures and popped them into the guest bedroom. Srsly, I’m dying over the face lamp…and ERMERGERD the ruby red velvet shade is just the pop of unexpected color this space needed. Yes, you read that right! I have color in my house. Holy scream face emoji, it’s a miracle! It looks shazam next to the vintage brown leather gym mat headboard and warms up the duvet cover perfectly. Guest bedroom refresh completed with just a minor touch here and there. I’m pleased as punch.

Side note, I did go back and peek at some dinner plates from Flower Home, and I need an opinion. I’m really drawn to both patterns and not sure which to purchase. The Jamaican Yellow plates are calling my name and the splash of color would look amazing in the dining room. But the dark moody Vintage Floral is stunning (and it also comes in Georgia Peach).

Loving these affordable yellow marble plates and serveware from Drew Barrymore Flower Line at Walmart

Which colorway and pattern do you think would look best with the new marble table?

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  1. Christina Hollensbe April 24, 2019

    Looks fab and I’m loving her line as well! As for the plates, go with what goes best with your dining room. Or better yet, do a little mix matching!

    • kyla April 24, 2019

      Oooooh! The mix and match might be fun!

  2. Julia@Cuckoo4Design April 25, 2019

    Oh this is so so good! Love it

    • kyla April 25, 2019

      In love with that little face lamp.

  3. Ironmongery Experts April 25, 2019

    Her new line looks stunning! Thanks for sharing! Carolina at Ironmongery Experts.

  4. Axel Rich May 30, 2019

    Love the setup!!


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