Holiday Gift Guide For The Pink Lover

I feel like I blinked on August 14th, and suddenly I’m putting together holiday gift guides. Please tell me I’m not the only one feeling totally and completely behind. Anyhoo, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and all the other holiday shopping days that follow, I like to make it easy on you. Over the new couple weeks, I’ll be posting holiday gift guides for the home decor lover, the Etsy lover, the fitness lover, and the fancy AF. Today I’m kicking it off with a holiday gift guide for the pink lover. Buckle up and put on your rose tinted glasses. Let’s roll.

Holiday Gift Guide for Pink Lovers


Everything you see pictured below I either own or want really, really bad. Did ya hear that Santa?

Holiday Gift Guide for Pink Lovers

Pink Luggage

Pink Purse

Pink Pillow

Pink Tarot Cards

Pink Tea Towel

Pink Candle

Pink Phone Charger

Pink Swash Artwork / Painting

Pink Bluetooth Speaker

Pink / Coffee Body Scrub

Pink Knife Set

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