Feelings From A Friday Night

Popping in randomly for a weird life post that has absolutely nothing to do with home decor, but I felt compelled to share all the same. Yesterday was Friday. The Boy took Cooper to his first soccer match, and Zoe was already in bed. That meant I has the house to myself. I could pretty much do anything I wanted to do. Yippee!

This meant no Captain Underpants. Not Teen Titans Go. No Barbie and the Mermaid Rockstars. The remote was mine. Flipping through the guide…nothing…nothing…nothing…nothing. Gah! Jackpot. Here are the thoughts that ensued.



1. BIG! OMG I can’t wait for the tiny corn scene.


 2. Jesus Tom Hanks looks so young! Shit, does that must mean I look old?


3. Huh, Friday nights are very different compared to 20 years ago.


4. Ooooph, I hope I can keep my eyes open until the part where he turns back into a boy. He’s so adorable in that oversized suit.


 5. Awe, he misses his momma and wants to be small again. Go find that Zoltar machine kiddo! OMG, my sweet boy is going to leave me one day.


6. I’ll just close my eyes during this commercial, just to see how it feels.


Hope your weekend is amazing!!!!!

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