A Kitchen Makeover — Let’s Play Pretend

Confession, ever since I visited Cambria, I’ve been dreaming of a kitchen makeover. Not that there’s really anything wrong with mine, but…Pinterest, am I right? Some gals want diamonds, others tropical beach vacations…me…I long for a beautiful stone waterfall island, new countertops, a killer backsplash, and cabinetry that’s to die for. Damn you Pinterest!

Kitchen Makeover dreaming. Waterfall island, matte black faucet, stone blackspash #kitchenmakeover #kitchen #waterfallisland



It became increasingly clear after I snapped this photo of Wit & Delight’s Studio 125, that my life just would not be completely fulfilled until a new kitchen was in the works. So I’ve been ever so carefully dropping hints around the house. The Boy’s biggest issue of course is the elephant in the room…budget. Blah, blah, blah, he can be such a buzzkill. The other…it’s our kitchen…gutted…unusable…2 kids. You get the picture.

As with all renovations, they usually take longer than expected and cost twice as much. However, my contractor Gerry really rocked out my bathrooms and basement, so I’m feeling somewhat confident on timing. Cost…well…just a small detail, right?

All that being said, before I just jump in swinging a sledgehammer, I’m taking a step back and really planning out all the dream details. A kitchen makeover is not to be taken lightly. It’s not like you can just change your mind and be like oh hey, I want this sink in this corner, or let’s move the stover over here. A gas line is not a chair. Once the floor plan is set, it’s a done deal.

Ya, a kitchen is slightly intimidating. let’s discuss.

In last Fall’s No Makeup Home Tour, I explained how the former owners flipped our kitchen. Let’s face it, when you’re selling a home, there’s no way on god’s green earth you wanna invest $100k into the kitchen of you’re dreams. They appealed to the masses and polished the turd they were living with. White cabinets. Brushed nickel pulls. Added a backsplash some sales person said was modern and hip. And to top it off, added $30 ho hum pendant lighting. Very vanilla but smart all the same.

Blogger home tour. Black and white out of date kitchen. No Makeup Home Tour hosted by House of Hipsters — what a blogger's home looks like in real life.

If this kitchen makeover happens, which it will…some day (laws of attraction, remember)…the plan is to stay on budget and keep the cost as low as possible. The layout remains the same. Gas lines, water lines, pipes, appliances, sinks…it like a game of freeze dance. It’s not movin’…think face lift. Like I said before, there’s nothing wrong with my kitchen, so the goal is to not reinvent the wheel and salvage what we can. (Thumbs up emoji to build confidence.)

Included in this dream plan is face lift the wet bar that resides in the living room. After entertaining in the house for almost 2 years now, I’m not sure how I lived without this nook. It works hard for my guests. But laminate countertops and 1980s cabinetry masked in black paint have got to go. You can’t hide from me.

One pin I keep coming back to for inspo is this space designed by Handelsmann + Khaw. A swoon-worthy wet bar designed for the Hunters Hills House. You can check out the rest of this dreamy interiors project here. Believe me, it’s to die for.

Kitchen Makeover dreaming. Marble backsplash, matte black faucet, back kitchen cabinets and open shelving. #kitchenmakeover #kitchen #blackfaucetInterior by: Handelsmann + Khaw Photography by: Felix Forest

When I look at a space like this, my initial thought is, “woah, real people actually live here.” My second thought is, “hmmm, I could actually do something like this in my own home!” (Thinking emoji, raise your hand emoji) This is why The Boy hates his life from time to time.

Just image it here. I mean, it’s possible! Look at the photo below and then check out the Cambria Brittanica Gold Marble Collection. The full slab is here. BTDubs, I’m fairly certain this is the design they were perfecting when I visited last October. Pair it with some natural wood accents and possibly navy cabinets…EMERGERD…that would be pretty spectacular.

Blogger home tour. Out of date wet bar renovation. No Makeup Home Tour hosted by House of Hipsters — what a blogger's home looks like in real life.

Who knew this sad little corner was full of possibilities! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a few more hints to drop. Wish me luck and if you know The Boy, tell him to buckle down the chin strap on his helmet. I’m coming for him. And if you’re curious, follow my Kitchen Inspo board to see what I’m pinning.


  1. Mary February 16, 2018

    I always wonder if my husband regrets marrying me because I want to change our kitchen & baths. Our perfectly fine & functional kitchen & baths. And laundry room. I want to throw our life savings at them so I can have the home of my dreams. And in 10 years I’ll want to do it again. Don’t tell him I said that.
    Good luck convincing your husband of your plans. If it happens you’ll have to share how you succeeded doing so.

    • kyla February 16, 2018

      I won’t tell him that if you won’t tell mine the same LOL!

  2. Julia@Cuckoo4Design February 22, 2018

    The wet bar reminds me of the slabs that Jen of fleamarketfab just looked at. Love it so so much.

  3. […] pillows are amazing), and lagrand. Buster & Punch was also there…I want this hardware in my dream kitchen. They designed their pulls with a plate to cover the holes in existing cabinet doors. And just […]

  4. Zeel Kitchen Designs April 30, 2018

    I love your wall design on the 2nd to the last picture. It almost look like it is something that looks like a dirt or algae but it isn’t and it looks so beautiful! What a clever design indeed. So glad I found your blog. It inspires me a lot 🙂

  5. Karen May 8, 2018

    In your second photo down I love the slim splash back tiles design. I would love that in my kitchen but a little afraid of the levels of my kitchen as this type of tile would show how unlevel everything is. Still, love them all the same and great article by the way.

    • kyla May 13, 2018

      These tiles actually come on a sheet, so keeping the lines level is easier than it looks =)

  6. […] The kitchen is on the punch list as a Summer / Fall project, and The Boy is dreading this reno, but I’m trying my best to put his mind at ease. New countertops, a few appliances replaced, and tiling the backsplash with something less busy. Parlayed into this reno is the existing wet bar and laundry room. All in all, yes it’s gonna be a beast of project…but shhhhh, please don’t tell my husband. […]

  7. Lucy September 14, 2018

    It’s amazing what can be fit into a small space that is both functional and has a good look. My son is in digs at the moment and has a little space that could be transformed like your examples above, as long as we can get landlords permission.

    • kyla September 24, 2018

      Hopefully the landlord gives you permission for the changes!


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