The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel And Her Mid-Century Style

Now that I own a television that can easily stream from the internet, I feel like a whole new world has been opened. A few posts back I shared a few new to me shows I was either binging or discovering…I know, I’m a little late to the game…but, one happened to be The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I started watching the night that post went live and am presently obsessed with her Mid-Century home decor style…so bewitched, that sometimes I forget about the story line and just nerd out over the furniture. If you’re a lover of 1950’s interiors and fashion, read on.

Mrs. Maisel and her Mid-Century Modern style home decor


The well to do Mrs. Maisel lives on the Upper West Side in an incredible apartment with her husband Joel…Mr. Maisel…obvs. During the first few episodes I sat on my sofa, phone in hand, snapping photos of her living room sofa, dining room lamps and shell side tables, and the chairs in her bedroom…clutch the pearls! The set designer has meticulous attention to detail. Every corner was styled to perfection.

So why the photos Kyla…stalk much? I claim research….wanting to know who made each and every piece of exquisite furniture, and more importantly, how could I get it in my own home. As an avid shopper of estate sales, I want to be on the lookout for Mrs. Maisel’s Mid-Century style. ERMERGERD! Are you on board with the Hollywood Regency glam train? Hop on, let’s explore.

Mrs. Maisel and her Mid-Century Modern style - apartment lobby

If you travel back in time, or are lucky enough to visit a time capsule home, you’ll notice decorative concrete block walls on the exterior and pattern screens like this one here in Mrs. Maisel’s apartment building lobby. The screen breaks up the cold marble and softens the light to the outside.

Mrs. Maisel and her Mid-Century Modern style - entryway - foyer

Check out this foyer. I mean her love of pink might be more intense than mine. That floral pink wallpaper reminds me of this House Of Hackney wallpaper. The mix of ornate and clean lines is on point with that mirror and desk.

Mrs. Maisel and her Mid-Century Modern style - living room

As far as sofas go, the sectional in her living room is truly fantastic. A classic mid-century curved sectional design with tapered legs minus the normal heavy patterned upholstery (which resides in the pillows only).

I think what I love most about Mrs. Maisel’s home, is that it’s void of anything kitsch or atomic. Her space feels more mature because of it. An elevated look that you don’t get with swanky starburst clocks. Atomic age home decor can turn cartoon-like very quickly…suddenly you start singing, “Meet George Jetson..” If you start to collect pieces for this look, always asked yourself, “is this marble or is it melamine?”

Mrs. Maisel and her Mid-Century Modern style - living room

I’m also eyeing the wallpaper in her built-ins, brass and glass side table, and decorative screen. Don’t even let me get started on that white Dorothy Draper. Do you see it peeking out on the right (below photo) with the Greek key style lamp resting on top of it?

Mrs. Maisel and her Mid-Century Modern style - living room

In the first few episodes, a lot happens in the dining room. They’re setting up to host Yom Kippur, and this year…they got the rabbi! It’s a big damn deal. I’m trying so hard not to give anything away. Anyhoo, getting back to home decor, the lamps below stopped me dead in my tracks. Seriously, there was an audible gasp and lots of picture taking.

Sexy, curvaceous, and sculptural all at the same time. I haven’t figured out the maker as of yet, but I swear on my dead cat’s grave, I will own these vintage beauties someday.

Mrs. Maisel and her Mid-Century Modern style - dining room

It’s like they’re wearing cute little prom dresses, am I right? I digress, as the camera pans 90°, you see the shell tables…yes, that’s right…plural. They flank either side of the entrance to the formal dining room. (Left side of the below photo is the most visible.) If you’re looking at the for real deal in an antique store, you could drop over $10,000 on those suckas. Not, I’m not joking.

Mrs. Maisel and her Mid-Century Modern style - dining room

The bedroom decor was kept quite simple. But there is this sweet little chair that sits next to the bedroom door. There’s another by the vanity. Alas, after scouring the interwebs for hours, I cannot find a photo. Trust me, it’s to die for. If you watch Mrs Maisel, it’s in the first few episodes.

Mrs. Maisel and her Mid-Century Modern style - bedroom decor

The lamps on either nightstand are adorable too. Seriously, the lighting in this show is on fleek. Check out that cute gold bow detailing. Eeeeep!

Here are a few of my favorite Mid-Century Modern, Hollywood Regency finds on the web right now.


  1. Bebe February 2, 2018

    Seeing all that pink bought back a lot of memories…..when I was in high school in the late ’50’s, a close friend’s parents built a new home. That was the first time I’d ever seen an all pink kitchen – including appliances, formica counter tops and the sink. I thought it was absolutely lovely and in thinking about it today, I still have fond memories of each time I visited that home. Thanks for the memories of another time and another beautiful home with a lot of pastel pink within its walls.

    • kyla February 16, 2018

      Glad you enjoyed the post Bebe! And a pink kitchen sounds pretty dreamy to me. =)

  2. Nenu March 15, 2018

    • kyla March 15, 2018

      Those are the chairs!!!!!

  3. Valerie December 27, 2018

    I too want those lamps! Love the show, love the lamps. Any Luck finding the designer?

    • kyla January 1, 2019

      I haven’t figured out the designer yet! They look like they’re Chapman, but I can’t find them anywhere.

  4. Tammy January 15, 2019

    I think the lamps in the dining room are Gerald Thurston for Lightolier. I found what I think is them but they have white enamel accents and not the brass/gold like on the show. Desperate to find those!

  5. Tammy January 16, 2019

    Found them! My friend just bought them! 🙂

    • kyla January 17, 2019

      Shut the front door!!!!!! Yeah! That’s amazing! I MUST see photos of how she styles them =)

  6. Rebecca Miller September 22, 2019

    where can I find the white desk?

    • kyla September 23, 2019

      It looks like a Paul McCobb desk that has been painted white. Take a peek at this one for comparison.


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