Latest Trend — The Rugby Shirt

Yesterday I opened my new J.Crew catalog, and the rumors are true. It’s official, the rugby shirt is back in style. 1984 called J.Crew and said what the world need now is not just love, sweet love, but rather a re-release of a tomboy favorite. Slowly but surely the Save By The Bell look is making a comeback. I’ve seen mom jeans, tight rolled cuffies, choker necklaces and now this…well, technically this is not a comeback…probably more of a throwback…but still, if you can see passed the color, you’ll be drooling over a lot of pieces in this home.

The Rugby Shirt - New hot trend back in style from the 90s



My mom bought me my first rugby shirt when I was like 13 years old. It was mustard gold and navy blue striped (high school colors…had to show a little T-Bird pride). While back-to-school shopping, I saw it at the mall, in the window of the GAP and begged her to buy it for my birthday.

Wearing clothing from the GAP back then was almost as cool as owning a Hard Rock Cafe or a Banana Republic t-shirt. Pair it all with a cloth Espirit tote bag and denim jean jacket and junior high was a breeze. Ya, I bought into the whole popular girl group thing back in 7th grade…didn’t we all in some way shape or form?

Anyhoo, let’s get back to the matter at hand — the rugby shirt. There is was in print, but was it elsewhere? Let’s scour the interwebs to find out.

The Rugby Shirt - New hot trend back in styleGreen and White Striped Rugby Shirt  

ASOS was a 10-4 good buddy, but Zara and H&M were a surprising miss. Nothing to be found. Although I did get distracted by this pale pink jammie top. I gotta say, whoever decided it was fashionable to wear PJs to nightclubs is brilliant. High five you!

Of course the always fashion forward Kylie + Kendall have their version of the rugby shirt out there (which is on sale for a song BTDubs). And it’s super cute. AND if I wasn’t grounded from spending I would buy that sucka in a heartbeat.

Looks like Marc Jacobs hopped on the rugby shirt bandwagon as well, but he gave it his own twist. I’m gaga for it. Check out that cute minidress. Holy heart eyes for days. However, this little number is a bit outta my price range…but it sure is pretty to look at.

Marc Jacobs Rugby Stripe Minidress
Marc Jacobs Rugby Stripe Minidress

Then I tried Shopbop. If there’s one place that is always in the know, this is the place. I typed “rugby” in the search field and hit the jackpot. Ding! Ding! Ding! From backpacks to water bottles to sequin jackets to dresses. This site was a rugby shirt goldmine.

The Rugby Sequin hooded sweatshirt - New hot trend back in style from the 90s

So a sparkle rugby hoodie might be better than wearing jammies to a nightclub. What do you think? Are you bold enough to throw this on? I gotta say whoever dreamed up this little nugget must have thought to themselves, if House Of Hipsters was a sweatshirt…

The Rugby Stripe Water Bottle - New hot trend back in style from the 90sWater Bottle

The Rugby Backpack - New hot trend back in style from the 90sRugby Backpack

Yup, even the accessories are rugby themed. J.Crew was right on the money. And after flipping through the catalog a bit more, I might have seen their original barn jacket reissued (but only in mens thus far). Gasp! Now if only someone at NYFW can roll out the plaid flannel button downs, baggy distressed jeans, and Doc Martens, I’ll be rockin’ that look.



  1. Cassie Bustamante August 30, 2017

    oh i wore these all the time in my youthful days and i can’t wait to nab one! seriously. i dig it- and i like the more feminine fit and that blush color!

    • kyla August 30, 2017

      I do too! It’s a bit more refines but still not overly girly…and you can wear it with overalls! =)

  2. Amanda Mastenbrook August 30, 2017

    forget the stripes, gimme that pink cat top!! *heart eyes*

    • kyla August 30, 2017

      I know right! I’m a smitten kitten! Must figure out a way to get that in my closet.

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  4. ABsRugby October 6, 2018

    Rugby shirts always remind me of Harry Potter. I’m gonna need to get me colored one stat.


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