I’m Bringing The Scrunchie Back

If you’ve ever seen the Sex and the City episode where Carrie slams Berger for mentioning a scrunchie in his novel Hurricane Pandora, then you will understand the reason for this post. She claims that no New Yorker in her right mind would ever wear one. The only acceptable occasion to wear a scrunchie is while washing your face. 

Bringing The Scrunchie Back

Hello. My name is Kyla, and I rock a scrunchie in public multiple times a week. Let’s take a long pause for dramatic effect.

Ok, now that we’ve got that awkwardness out of the way, I’m here to declare my determination to bring the scrunchie back. 


Just to be clear my scrunchie is not one of those big fatty multicolored numbers from 1992. It’s black. It’s small. It’s subdued. And I do not rock Kimmy Gibbler style. Although I am seeing full on Kimmy pop up at Urban Outfitters, ASOS, and Free People. 

Kimmy Gibbler rocks a scrunchie

My super fine, thin hair needs more than the normal hair band when I wear it in a messy bun. The scrunchie gives it a little extra volume. Plus it’s way less damaging to my hair when it’s wrapped in a knot. 

Let’s take it back to 1992 — I had a favorite scrunchie. Did you? Mine was from Contempo, and it was ivory sheer fabric with plastic pearl balls inside. I wore it for years until it finally fell apart during my Philosophy 101 lecture class. I went to readjust and balls flew everywhere. Whoopsies. 

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But because of Ms. Bradshaw’s strong hatred towards the scrunchie, I think I’m mentally scarred. Every single time I pick up that circular band of fabric covered elastic, I feel my style icon shaming me. A tiny Carrie appears shaking her head. But then this conversation from Legally Blonde plays out shortly after.

If it’s okay for Elle Woods, then it’s ok for this gal. The shame dissipates. In fact, it kinda makes me wanna shout, “I’m bringing the scrunchie back damnit, and y’all are gonna like it!” Ok, so maybe that’s a bit aggressive. But you know what I mean. 

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So what do you say? Are you ready to channel “Heathers” with me? Good! I’m red. 

Heathers I'm red scrunchie



  1. Deb August 17, 2017

    Contempo….I’m old enough to have fond memories of that store….I bought many scrunchies anx banana clips (another oldie but goodie) at that store. This post is making me regret throwing away my drawer full of scrunchies…..Love the nostalgia

    • kyla August 17, 2017

      I loved Contempo! Possibly my most favorite store ever in the 90’s! I got all my best dance club outfits there.

  2. Trish Kachel August 17, 2017

    So funny! Daughter was on Snapchat this morning and saw her cousin with one and proceeded to tell me how they were a thing again!! So there you have it, straight from a trendy teens mouth. Proceed with caution though just in case Carrie Bradshaw is watching

  3. Pamela August 17, 2017

    Hahaha. I’m right there with you. I may not have my big fat plaid or paisley one anymore, but I have been rocking a discreet beige one for years. Hey, what can I say, my hair is on the fine side, and when I pull it up, the scrunchie works as a bit of a volumizer and it doesn’t leave such an obvious mark in my hair if I decide to wear it down again before my next shampoo. Thanks for keeping it real. I’m a recent follower. So glad you are on my blog roll. 😀

    • kyla August 17, 2017

      Hi Pamela! Glad you stopped by. Yep, fine haired girls need to be told that rockin’ a scrunchie is a-okay. Because when it gets the littlest bit of damage, it gets crazy frizzy. Blerg! Raise your scrunchie loud and proud girl!

  4. Mary August 17, 2017

    Since my hair is very short I don’t need a Scrunchie. But you be you!

  5. Kristy August 21, 2017

    Ok yes — every time I think of scrunchies I hear Carrie Bradshaw shrieking, “A SCRUNCHIE??!” This is one of those things where you can see it coming, you can see the trend gaining steam and momentum to make a big comeback, and you just mourn..don’t get me wrong, I loved my share of scrunchies in the 90’s like anyone else. But this is one of those things like shortalls or rompers that just should never have come back


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