Broke Another One — Wine Glasses

Ah the wine glass…or as I refer to it — Big Karl (thank you Cougartown). Boy oh boy does that particular glassware get a workout around this house. But with heavy usage comes breakage. Sometimes they bite the dust in the dishwasher. Sometimes The Boy a guest has butterfingers. Even this girl has broken her fair share of wine glasses.

Wine Glasses - Round UpOh Wine Glass

After last year’s New Year’s Eve party, we were down to only a couple that survived, so we invested in two Riedel sets from Target. Nothing super fancy or flashy, but they had thinner glass felt good in my hand. As a plus, they all matched.


9 Favorite Wine Glasses - Round UpPretty Holiday Wine Glasses

Although I should be cognizant, I don’t get too hung up on white wine glass versus red wine glass. My $10 bottle of Prairie Fumé tastes the same to me from either vessel. I base my glass of choice on how much wine can fit into said vessel — so please no judging if you see white wine in my red wine glass. Sommelier I am not.

Since January 1, I’m somehow down to 3 mismatched wine glasses *palm to forehead*. Therefore it’s time to round up a bunch that I think look pretty, and I’m asking for your recommendations. Sound like fun?  Let’s get started, shall we?

Favorite Wine Glasses - Round Up1   ///   2   ///   3   ///   4   ///   5   ///   6

Anyone out there have the stemless wine glasses? I’m curious what you think. They’re pretty but are they functional? And by functional I mean, will they make my white wine warm because I’m holding it? Yes, the problem could easily be solved by drinking faster…however the morning after may be a bit rough.

9 Favorite Wine Glasses - Round UpSimple Stemless Wine Glass

So what do you think? Do any stand out to you? To be perfectly honest, when I looked at all these wine glasses individually, I was like ummm, I can’t tell the difference. But looking at them here, I’m drawn to one in particular. Would you believe it’s my original Riedel Target special glass? I guess sometimes you just have to go through the process to see you might want to stick with what you got, huh? Which one is your favorite?

9 Favorite Wine Glasses - Round UpThe wine glass on everyone’s bridal registry


  1. emily September 14, 2017

    Just catching up on my blogs, and wanted to comment that I love my stemless glasses. Mostly because they fit in my dishwasher, unlike the stemmed ones! They were the first new thing I ended up buying when I moved into my house with dishwasher, from an apartment without. Mostly I keep my glass of wine on a surface between drinks rather than holding it, so it’s not getting warm.

    • kyla September 15, 2017

      I never thought about that! They fit in the dishwasher!


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