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I spend a lot of time in front of the computer…and I mean a lot. Half of the week, I’m in the city for work. The other half, I’m at home. Don’t be giggling and thinking, “You mean you’re sitting on your couch eatin’ bonbons with the phone in your hand, right.” Ummmm, wrong. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

home office workspace decor - decorating with vintage mid-century modern eclectic - House Of Hipsters

Because I spend so much time in my home office, I want this workspace to be filled with the vintage goodness I love. After the move, this space became a mish mosh dumping ground for lonely flea finds and junk that didn’t have a home. A cluttered, frustrating mess. Slowly but surely it’s been transforming, and I’ve been sharing the evolution on Instagram (mostly Stories), but I haven’t shared it here. I know…bloggery failure! But I promise to make it up to you in this post. Buckle down the chin strap because you’re in for a year’s worth tweaking and rearranging my home office. Let’s go!



Ultimately the goal for this space is casual chic and not cluttered. Remember when we talked about French Girl Decorating... minimally put together perfectly? Like a French girl who #justwokeuplikethis, threw on red lipstick and a black leather jacket, and now looks amazing. After putzing with this space, Parisian flat became the inspiration.

It all started with a chesterfield sofa, Franco Albini ottoman, a wedding blanket (which I’m selling over on Chairish), and some indigo fabric…that look didn’t last long. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times — boho does not work in my home. I think some people can make bohemian decor look absolutely dreamy. But when I try my hand at boho, it screams, “Dirty college frat house that has bed bugs.” Case in point.

Chesterfeild with bohemian indigo - home office workspace decor - decorating with vintage mid-century modern eclectic - House Of Hipsters

Can you say hawt mess? That look lasted long enough for me to laugh at myself and Snapchat it once. M’kay, bye! Now granted, I was making lemonade outta my vintage lemons. We had just moved and the house was jumbled. As I stood back to admire “my work”, my dream of becoming a bohemian queen was officially crushed. I chucked it all in a bin, and was left with only Mr. Chester the Love Seat. Oooph! He looked so tiny and awkward in this space.

Fast forward to the DesignOff and in came the Interior Define sofa. This meant the Gus Modern mid-century modern Craigslist score was up for grabs. I got Gus, but here’s where the shame starts. I rolled out a beni ourain and a moroccan brass tray table. Unbeknownst to me, the boho express was pulling into the station. Choo! Choo! Trying to balance the obvious, I added in an antique emerald green chair that I found at the flea for $10 and a brass Sarreid trunk. Shiny things…you don’t notice the boho in the room, do you? Ummm, yes, yes I do Kyla.

It didn’t look hideous by any means, but it also was no French girl. Clunky and busy with a boho twist.

Then there was a random desk decision. A white IKEA monstrosity had been the bane of my existence. You can see it here in my old office. A strobe light honey that looked better on Pinterest than in person. And to make matters worse, because my monitor is so heavy, the IKEA top would practically flip over if I stood up the wrong way. On a whim, I waltzed into Steeplechase Antiques and fell in love with a rustic pine table. Finger to chin, “That would make a pretty slick desk.” Without a plan, I said, “I’ll take it!”. It was solid, beautiful, had great patina, and brought some warmth into the space. Plus it really masked the boho…in fact it screamed, “Looky! Looky! Here’s some farmhouse!” Yes, complete and utter denial.

Dorothy Draper Dresser and pine wood rustic desk. home office workspace decor - decorating with vintage mid-century modern eclectic - House Of Hipsters

After fighting the urge to move the sofa away from the windows and swap it with the desk, I finally caved. Much to my surprise, it looks pretty good and the desk is now the focus of my home office. For sh!ts and giggles, I rolled the beni back up and chucked it in my back room. Out of the corner of my eye I spied the ibex ram’s heads I bought in Nashville caught my eye. They are so special and rare. Why hello lovers. You give me all the heart eyes.

Kyla, why on earth aren’t you hiding these beauties. Yes, I could sell them for a million dollars, or I could keep them and live in eternal bliss. And yes, I know, they need glass. I’m thinking about buying this top here.

home office workspace decor - decorating with vintage mid-century modern eclectic - House Of Hipsters

When the sofa lived between the windows, it looked sadzies without art or a mirror hung over it, so changing the location to this vaulted wall was a blessing. Cosmic Girl Goes sold me the bomb diggetty of a mirror at the Randolph Flea that I swapped out for this art pretty much immediately after The Boy hung it. To say he was a bit tender-hearted when I broke that news is an understatement…but come on, look at that clutch the pearls artwork. Chair Girl gives me such a calm feeling and the colors fit perfect with the yellows, grays and hits of pink. The mirror went in and out so fast, it wasn’t even photographed. Sorry Robin! Don’t worry, it’ll find a new home soon. Pinkie swear.

home office workspace decor - decorating with vintage mid-century modern eclectic with ibex ram's head coffee table - House Of Hipsters

home office workspace decor - decorating with vintage mid-century modern eclectic - House Of Hipsters

Phew! You still with me? If so, go ahead, loosen the helmet, and wipe the sweat off your brow. This marathon of a post is wrapping, and we successfully navigated through a year’s worth of decorating blunders and Instagram Stories! What do you think of the transformation? Obviously, it’s nowhere near finished, but it’s coming along.

Cha-cha-cha-changes are still happening…like that Sonneman lollipop lamp is getting switch out for a taller black cone lamp…it’s more French girl chic. And this little corner over here is presently getting tweaked.

home office workspace decor - decorating with vintage mid-century modern eclectic - House Of Hipsters

I love the cabinet, but it’s a wee bit too big. But I lurve it. But it’s too big. But I lurve it. But I’d have to ask The Boy for help to move it (biggest reason). Anyhoo, would love to know your thoughts! Cheers to Friday Eve! TTFN!



  1. Mary June 29, 2017

    Every piece is so cool that I don’t know where to look first. You’ve acquired a lot of great pieces.
    But a room isn’t finished until you have window treatments. You need to get on that next.

  2. Kris June 29, 2017

    I love that stuff. Amazing. All the best.

  3. Tom Field July 2, 2017

    The ‘random desk decision’ was a great one! It’s certainly a useful reminder that ‘a desk doesn’t need to be a desk’ and re-purposing such a lovely table adds so much more character to the room, plus as a piece of furniture the table adds more versatility, if required. It’s certainly provided food for thought for me, thanks.

  4. Diana Lopes July 13, 2017

    Amazing decor style! All the pieces are great and match perfectly with each other, gorgeous!

  5. Todd Smith August 1, 2017

    Great post, thanks for sharing. The transformation over the course of a year has been astounding and that desk you found fits so perfectly. It sits neatly into the style of the room and, as you mentioned, it’s the perfect size for the space. It helps, too, that it’s made from pine, a sturdy yet visually appealing material which is well able to take the weight of your monitor! Fantastic job.

  6. KMP Furniture Blog December 15, 2017

    Marvelous decor style! All the pieces in the room speak for themselves but they match each other perfectly. Just gorgeous!


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