Maison Souquet Paris Playlist

The only bad thing about Paris, is leaving Paris…oh and planning to shop your heart out the day before you leave and it’s happens to be May 1 (Europe’s Labor Day). Even the cafés were closed! I cried salty tears in my escargot. Presently, my only comfort is this playlist from Maison Souquet.

Maison Souquet Paris Playlist from The Bar


If you watched my Stories on Instagram, you know The Boy and I made a temporary home at Maison Souquet, a boutique hotel inspired by the post-impressionistic era of the Belle Epoque. Opulent can’t even begin to describe the interior. However the outside is more than subtle…hidden you might say…marked only by 2 red lanterns. Why you ask? Maison Souquet was once a pleasure house back in the day.

We ended most nights at The Bar, a reading room slash bordello of boozy beverages. I sipped on a cocktail called Eliza (a vanilla, passion fruit party for the tastebuds) while listening to this playlist.

Oh and don’t fret, I’ll have a more thorough write up soon with all the deets on the Paris Fleas, but jet lag has kicked in, and I have toothpicks holding my lids open. I’m also presently scurrying around the house looking through drawers and cabinets, packing up vintage treasures for the Pop-Up Tag Sale at The Savoy Flea. We hope to see you there this Sunday!

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  1. Kathie Perkins May 11, 2017

    You make me smile!!

  2. Annie May 23, 2017

    Salty tears in your escargot! haha!

    I must ask – what font is the PARIS written in? Divine.

  3. Elise Gonzalez June 5, 2017

    I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t know most of these songs. I love listening to new music, so this playlist provided me with a great afternoon. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. Unimax Creative June 10, 2017

    wow good post

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