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Anyone else in the I hate shopping for swimsuits boat? Raise your hand high. For me it’s worse than going to the dentist on the 58th floor of the airport…the dentist, elevators, and planes are enough to make me grab a bottle of vodka and hide in my closet. Mix that whole batch of awfulness together, and you got my attitude towards shopping for swimwear. There’s nothing quite like walking into a fitting room with 27 suits in hand, sausaging myself  into each, and inevitably leaving empty handed with a frowny face.

swimsuits and cover-up wraps for spring break, vacation, and summer


In a few weeks, The Boy and I will embark on a vacation to The Canary Islands (a few of you had been before…what’s the weather like? I saw 60° and said, ummmm, that’s not warm! But i’ve been assured it is swim weather, hmmmmmm), and a swimsuit or two is necessary. Time is ticking and my insecurities are in full effect. I’m far from perfect, but instead of focusing my mind on why I didn’t go to spin class for the last 6 months and trying to turn back time, Imma start shopping.

12 swimsuits and 6 cover-up wraps for spring break, vacation, and summer round up

Two things I have to keep in mind: this is a work trip for my husband, so my new gear for the sandy beaches should be a bit more on the conservative side. My body isn’t like it used to be. After two babies and falling off my gym regime, I personally don’t feel comfortable in a bikini. A one-piece is much more my speed…and I much to my surprise, I found some pretty cute ones out there!

12 swimsuits and 6 cover-up wraps for spring break, vacation, and summer round up

On these “work” trips, there’s a lot of time spent poppin’ bottles on the beach. That means direct sun all day long. Recently, I had a little scare with skin cancer — so a cover up is definitely in order. Last year’s Puerto Rico sunscreen fail is still fresh in my mind. I’ve never been burned so badly in my life. Word to the wise, be sure to rub that spray sunscreen into your skin well and spray a lot of it on your body…if you don’t, you will look like a loaf of marbled rye. I have pictures but refuse to ever share them with anyone but my dermatologist. Ever since that day, I’ve stuck to the old standby — cream in a tube.

12 swimsuits and 6 cover-up wraps for spring break, vacation, and summer round up

Last year, I purchased the Melissa Odebash swimsuit (with the belt) in black and really liked it. It didn’t ride up my toosh, and even though it doesn’t have cups, I never felt like I wasn’t supported. I also purchased the 9seed cover-up which I was also really happy with, but…and there’s always a but, right? It wasn’t quite dressy enough to wear in the hotel lounge for drinks. I’m thinking the cover-up from Elan might be a bit dressier for a cocktail. What do you think? Got any favorites up above? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you like a swimsuit of cover-up from this post, shop the post below for my favorites.


  1. Katie March 31, 2017

    Love love love the Mara Hoffman! but i would be worried about it getting discolored. J crew would be my pick from these although I have found some pretty awesome ones elsewhere.

  2. Laurie April 20, 2017

    I really like the J Crew with the deep plunge neck front and scallops! Sexy, adorable, and flattering. I also have the one piece comfort with swimsuits after babies, and I feel like a deep plunging front flatters and accentuates the top half more than the midrange. I purchased a couple of those retro looking two piece suits that have a high waist(like past the belly button, still looks really cute actually) and flattering bikini top. It’s a way to wear a “bikini” without too much lower half exposure. The bottoms of the two piece also have rouching which helps to conceal and kind of tuck things in! I love the Aerie cover up, pretty! The Elan would be dressy enough and cute also I think. I’m sure by now you’ve already purchased and may even be on your vacation, but I had really wanted to respond and see what you bought and let you know what I found this year. Pics? Thanks for the tip on the spray sunscreen too, I had no idea, I hadn’t tried it yet, but know what to do if I do. The cream does sound the safest. Would be interested some time to hear about your skin cancer experience, it’s been a thing in my family ( Dad had a scary skin cancer/surgery when we were in 8th grade, successful, but been very aware since then), so I like to hear and be aware of other’s stories. Your new house looks fun and beautiful. I love the blog posts about these kinds of things too(bathing suits). Good to hear others ideas when we’re in the same stages of life. Loved the info post about estate sales, FUN! Sorry this is pretty long, happy vacationing!! Laurie

  3. Marissa April 22, 2017

    dentist on the 58th floor…you crack me up! love the suits and I want the cover ups to wear all the time!


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