Amazing Brass Lighting For Your Home Decor

Now that the move is drawing near, my focus is on lighting, and not just any lighting…I’m talking beautiful brass lighting. After starting a Pin board to help me organize my thoughts, I think I might have confused myself even more. Here’s what I’ve been eyeing. I swear, there’s so many pretty kittens to choose from.

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Currently, we are 2 weeks away from closing, and I’ve gotta tell ya, I’m itching for the change of scenery, and those built-ins are calling my name. Technically we don’t move for another couple months, but still. I get keys in 2 weeks, and it’s go time as far as shopping is concerned. Before I continue, I really need to take a minute to again say sorry for my weird hiatus on again off again schedule. It’s not deliberate…pink swear. The Boy refuses to let me change things around, put holes in walls…I can’t even move around a vase without getting the stink eye. Apparently I trail a zone of disarray behind me when I do such things. Which is pretty much the truth, and I totally get it, but I kinda got into a creative funk about it.

If you remember from his interview, he’s Type A. He likes order. I mean, if clean had a superhero, it would be The Boy. Captain Cleanpants possesses extraordinary powers and is completely ready for a showing day or night. Ready to duck out the back door faster than a speeding bullet. Speaking of which, are you looking for a house in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago? If so, have I got a beauty to sell you!

Anyhoo, back to dramatically change the appearance of a room, and brass lighting, well, it will take your space from ho-hum to glam faster than you can say Emily Henderson. Right now I know I’ll need two fixtures over the kitchen island, and one to compliment them over the white tulip table (if you are looking for a tulip table, check this one out here) in the kitchen eating nook. Before I completely obsess over anymore options, I thought who better to have chime in than you guys!?! Besides, if I show The Boy another light fixture while he’s trying to watch the Bundesliga on a quiet Saturday afternoon, his head might seriously explode. Poor, sweet guy. He tolerates a lot from me. So what do you guys think? Have any opinions?

1   ///   2   ///   3   ///   4   ///   5   ///   6   ///   7   ///   8   ///   9   ///   10


  1. Carmen March 16, 2016

    What a beautiful collection! My favorites are 1, 3, 4 & 6!!

  2. joanna // jojotastic March 16, 2016

    number 7 FO SHO

  3. Caitlin Kunzle March 17, 2016

    My vote would be two #4s over the island and a #1 over the tulip table! You’ve got such a great selection to choose from!!

  4. Railyn March 17, 2016

    Two 4’s for the island, and either 3,5, or 8 above the tulip table. I am also partial to the lotus pendant above a single space, like a table, but I didn’t want to add more to the I indecision.

  5. Sarah March 19, 2016

    If it is not a gigantic kitchen you could go unexpected and put #5 above the island and one #4 above the table if the table is also not huge. Bonus: it saves you $$ because you don’t have to buy 2 pendants for the island. Also, go bold or go home…if you want.

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  8. Patrick July 14, 2017

    What a line-up of great pendant lights. Love the style, in particular number 1, 5, 9 and 10. They go very well with a contemporary, airy dining room above a wooden table or a high ceiling living room with open concept kitchen.

  9. C August 10, 2017

    Love your blog and style! Could you tell me where pendant #1 is from? The link doesn’t work. Thank you so much!!


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