Home Office Design Project – One Room Challenge Week 3

Confidence is building with the home office design project as I push through Week 3 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home. In case you don’t remember, last week, I was styling the window sill behind the vintage Chesterfield from South Loop Loft and finishing the build on my new workspace. A last minute decision was made, throwing me off my game plan, and I chose not to use vintage indigo wedding panels and rattan I had found at a flea. My gut was telling me it was a bit trendy and overdone. Instead ordered up a beautiful mid-century modern velvet blush chair. I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that it arrives in the next couple weeks…or at least before this challenge wraps.

Home Office Design Project Makeover - Interior Design - One Room Challenge progress update.


With the last minute color palette change, I’m again on the hunt for pillows, vases and other pretty home decor. I snatch the light pink IKEA pillow off my bed and laid it on the Loloi Anastasia Rug along with a pretty cream fuzzy pillow to test out what I thought in my head would look good. Yahtzee!!! You guys, it’s gorgeous with the rug!!! And thank gawd it does because I did this test after I bought the chair. The pink IKEA pillow kinda brings out the red undertones in the Chesterfield, so I’m searching for more of a blush over pink…the pink guy was missing the master bedroom anyway, so back upstairs he goes. I found a couple blush linen pillow covers at H&M. They arrived yesterday and are looking pretty sharp, but I need to procure inserts. There are also a couple at West Elm I’d like to check out. My plan is to get both in the room to see how they look. More on that next week though.

Home Office Design Project Makeover - Interior Design - One Room Challenge progress update.

So what has been accomplished? Well quite a bit. Mainly because I was under the gun with another incredible first of its kind project. See, I teamed up with Erica Reitman, House Of Brinson, Making It Lovely, Fleurishing, Ibie Falcusan and Megan Pflug for a Periscope Open House loop home tour. That’s right. Last Sunday morning I broadcasted a 15 minute live video of my home (and prayed not to trip or pass out while answering questions). Showcasing rooms that have been seen on Huffington Post and Refinery29, rooms that are works in progress…like the home office design project, rooms that have never been seen before and rooms that were and still are complete disaster zones (the playroom, bathrooms, and kids’ rooms). BTDubs, if you ever want to catch me on Periscope, you can follow me at @houseofhipsters I’m trying not to scope as sporadic and get a schedule down, but it makes me a bit nervous.

Home Office Design Project Makeover - Interior Design - One Room Challenge progress update.

Nothing like a pending live video feed, broadcasted over the Internets to light a fire under my bum and whip this room into shape. Especially when you’re teamed up with some amazing ladies. So last week, well, it was go time. Pedal to the metal. The electrician arrived Thursday afternoon to drill a hole in the ceiling and install wiring so I could hang the beaded chandelier. I would be at work in the city, so the night before, I dragged The Boy downstairs. We figured out exactly where it should be hung. Prepare all you want, but hilarity ensued when that exact spot didn’t work with the joists. The ever patient electrician, Luigi, held this really heavy light a little to the left, a little to the right, while The Boy texted me pictures.

Home Office Design Project Makeover - Interior Design - One Room Challenge progress update. Thomas Paint ChicagoHome Office Design Project Makeover - Interior Design - One Room Challenge progress update. Volt-Amp Electric

My painter, bless his heart, arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed first thing Saturday morning. This meant the night prior, the entire room had to be emptied. I snapped pictures of every vignette so I knew the exact spots of every vase, book, and bowl. Three coats of paint later, it was Sherwin-Williams Snowbound white. Fans were set to high, and I waited impatiently, literally watching paint dry.

Home Office Design Project Makeover - Interior Design - One Room Challenge progress update. Thomas Paint Chicago

And I’m sorry, but I really have to take a minute to thank my electrician from Volt Amp Electric and painter from Thomas Paint. If you live in the Chicagoland area and are looking for help, I highly recommend them both. I’m giving them virtual hugs because if I gave them real hugs, they’d probably be more uncomfortable then a cat in a bathtub.

After the kids were asleep Saturday night, The Boy helped me immensely. I wanted this room to sing for the Periscope Open House on Sunday morning. It was less than 12 hours away. I thought to myself, Beyoncé has the same 24 hours in day that I had. This could be done, but the pressure was on. The curtains and curtain rod were to be hung along with installing the chandy and that amazing painting I found at the flea market. The pipe shelf (< that’s a link to the DIY instructions) needed to be reinstalled, workspace put back together. Everything needed to be restyled. Wahoo! Let’s hit it! The Boy was not nearly as enthusiastic as I. See, he woke up at 2:30am to get “his spot” on the river. I happened to throw this decorating shindig on opening day of duck hunting season. Whomp! Whomp! Sorry dude, this is necessary.

Home Office Design Project Makeover - Interior Design - One Room Challenge progress update.

Home Office Design Project Makeover - Interior Design - One Room Challenge progress update.

But it seemed the decorating gods had been angered, or maybe it was karma balancing herself out for my good vintage treasure hunting fortune that I’ve had as of late. Every single task was completed not once, not twice, but three times a lady. The curtain rod was fussy. Then we missed a tab on the curtains, took them down, fixed the tabs, rehung, measured, and somehow the same tab was missed again. Swearing ensued. I told The Boy we must press on. It was 9pm.

Home Office Design Project Makeover - Interior Design - One Room Challenge progress update.

He started in on the beaded chandelier, or as it’s now referred to as, the light that tested our marriage that one night. Woah baby, this bad boy threw us for a loop, and presently I’m unsure if it works. First we took it out of the box and 2 strands of beads where not connected. After playing arts and crafts with fishing line and a whole lotta patience, we had to modify the chain and wiring (which the directions state not to modify unless completely necessary, but unless you have 40 foot ceilings, you’re modifying that puppy). The stickers stating which wire was which wouldn’t fit through the tiniest hole known to man and the wires stripped leaving us guessing at which one was hot. Of course it requires funky lightbulbs because God only knows I like to be difficult.

There we were, standing in a dark office, middle of the night, I with my arms over my head, holding up a lamp that seemed to weight 79 pounds for what seemed like an eternity. The Boy, wearing a headlamp, as if he were spelunking, muttering curse words that would make a sailor blush. I was told, “Don’t move! Stop shaking! Grab me a screwdriver! Not that one, the flat head!” I stood on my tippy toes in my little box of pain thinking only about kittens and unicorns. Then the bracket didn’t line up with the plate. Frick-n-frack. After an hour and a half, it was hung. We backed away slowly. If it’s wired incorrectly, well, it looks pretty, and that’s what really matters right? Because that sucka ain’t comin’ down again. No way José. And as an aside, I think it should be mandatory for all manufactures to install their product prior to selling. It’s only fair.

Home Office Design Project Makeover - Interior Design - One Room Challenge progress update. Heather Chontos painting.

While The Boy finished hanging the painting, I framed up some artwork by Heather Chontos and my warrior dog (both artists are also showcased in my master bedroom). The original Heather Chontos piece, I’ve had for quite some time. It’s been begging for the perfect spot…it’s finally found a home. I couldn’t help myself, I started to style the desk. This is kinda how the workspace has ended up. And see how good that blush looks with the Loloi Anastasia Rug?

Home Office Design Project Makeover - Interior Design - One Room Challenge progress update. Heather Chontos painting.

 Home Office Design Project Makeover - Interior Design - One Room Challenge progress update. Heather Chontos painting.

That little brass pineapple clip was picked out by Ashley from Bigger Than The Three Of Us. (She’s also participating in the One Room Challenge.) We met up (for the first time ever!) at The Randolph Flea. Before her and her husband took off, she wanted to stop to pick up a cute oversized brass “Pocket Change” tray. She has a new found addiction. I was very grateful after she picked up the clip because she looked at me and said you need to buy this…why yes, yes I should! Because I love it! Oh and that blue and brass cylindrical thingy is a kaleidoscope from the Emily Henderson Flea shop. If you haven’t been, check it out. There’s some pretty cool stuff to be found.

So, what’s next? Well, there’s still quite a bit. I refuse to be the person on Survivor who says, I’m in complete control over my tribe only to be voted out at Tribal Council the following evening.

If you noticed the first few desk pictures above, you might have seen my lamp dilemma. I need to decide if the vintage white lucite striped lamp from a Chairish Instagram Sale stays or if I play it safe and use the brass task lamp. I’m leaning towards the lucite lamp, but still playing with the shade. What do you think?

2  Finalize pillows…blush and cream. H&M vs West Elm. Anyone have any other suggestions?

3  Order new Minted artwork…I did that today and it should ship soon.

4  Style pipe shelf. It’s still a hot mess.

5  Order bowls, vases, find books and any other decor needed for styling out the space. Know of anything that would look amazing?

6  Something needs to go on the right side of the Chesterfield…I’m thinking a large palm, but it needs to be fake since I’m in the basement.

7  Work on my mood board on the wall above my computer.

8  Style the entire workspace.

9  Find something to go on the lucite nesting tables and style…this one is throwing me. How would you style nesting tables used as a coffee table?

10  Small white pot from Unison on the floor to the left of Chesterfield needs a plant or something??? Maybe??? What do you think?

11  Get that amazing blush chair here already!

12   Find a cream throw for said amazing chair.

13  Organize and hide cords.

14  Shoot the grand finale! Which hopefully you noticed…I finally lit this room properly. I tried my best to use natural lighting, but just couldn’t. I brought in the big guns. My photography lighting. It looks so much better!

So I have a sneaking suspicion this list above is not even going to be close to half done by Wednesday of next week. I have no fire right now…the fire is tired. I’m no longer channeling Beyoncé, because even Beyoncé gets tired. And also, styling for me takes a lot of time, and for MY home office design project,  I’ll probably be styling vignettes until my fingers bleed. I can’t help it. I’m a perfectionist. But, I’ll still check in with a progress report…just don’t expect leaps and bounds like this. To see every once else’s rooms, please pop on over to Calling It Home.



  1. Carrie October 21, 2015

    What a week!! Whew! Glad I am following; this is so gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  2. I LOVE the lucite lamp. Yes, to that staying!!! And let’s just talk about that dog chief artwork. I need that asap!! It looks so good and the pineapple clip is perfect.

  3. Jess May (@thefirestokers) October 21, 2015

    I love these posts, so freaking much! We’re about to move back to our hometown and buy an old farmhouse to renovate, so every time you post about a room you whipped up I get CRAZY inspired to get ours going. Thanks Kyla x

  4. Kevin | Thou Swell October 22, 2015

    Your art is amazing! And I love how the room is coming along. That rug is just beautiful 🙂

  5. Nancy October 22, 2015

    The lucite lamp is all kinds of good! Pleaaaaase use that one, love how it contrasts with everything else!

  6. christinedovey October 22, 2015

    Everything is looking so gorgeous! I LOVE the lucite lamp and the art mix is heaven. That sofa is just so perfect with the rug- love, love!

  7. Emily @ Table & Hearth October 22, 2015

    Girl, it sounds like you’ve had a week like mine! Late hours, backbreaking positions…are we ca-razy?!?

  8. houseupdated October 22, 2015

    Wow, this is already looking so great! Well, well worth a night testing your marriage over lighting (been there). And that art! And that rug! And those scissors! Okay, I’m way too excited over where this is heading.

  9. britt kingery October 22, 2015

    Well #1) Everything is perfect. #2) Your light story made me LOL and I really hope it works, because it’s amazing! #3) LUCITE everywhere to the end of time! Also I had the floor version of the brass task lamp but I brought it back bc I found the light to be too concentrated (maybe the most anal phrase ever); however–I could not figure out how to fit it back in the ever-loving box! So back to Target it went, fully assembled, with the box as an accessory. I think we are all reaching new levels of crazy here!

  10. Carol @ CAD INTERIORS October 22, 2015

    Can I just ship your entire room over to my house?! I love it all!

  11. Cheryl Singleton Interiors October 23, 2015

    Wow!! Fabulous home office, tick!

  12. Arielle October 23, 2015

    Really really loving how this space is shaping up. Great lighting, great art. So fun to follow along!

  13. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins October 23, 2015

    Wonderful!!!! Your room is coming along beautifully!! I wish mine was more put together this week. By the looks at my pace, everyone including myself will be shocked that my room came together in time, lol. In love with your styling. The lucite lamp is a beauty.

  14. Laura Irion October 23, 2015

    I am so in love with this room! Yes to the lucite lamp for sure. And what a crazy ordeal with the chandelier- isn’t it amazing how the simplest things take soooo much longer (and are so much more frustrating) than you expect?! When we did our bedroom, the light took Ryan forever to modify and make work, and in the end, it crapped out after 2 weeks and hasn’t worked since. (Sometimes it flickers spookily- I refuse to even try to turn it on now as it creeps me out!) Fingers crossed that yours works better. And seriously, it’s looking soooo gorgeous!

  15. I love the art work. It’s looking gorgeous, coming together beautifully as always. By the way I painted a credenza in Snow Bound White…love it. Good luck! Can’t for next weeks update 🙂

  16. McKenna October 24, 2015

    That is so the situation I find myself in way. too. often. Unhappy better half included! LOL. That chesterfield is to die for. I can’t wait to see where you end up! Best of luck!

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