Wildwood Speakeasy New Year’s Party

Today my blogger besties over at Avery Street Design and The Big Reveal bring you the Wildwood Speakeasy New Year’s Eve theme party tailored just for you! That’s right, today and every day for the rest of the week, we are going to give you everything you need to make this theme party happen in your home. Free invitations to download, home decor, backdrops for a photobooths, specialty cocktail recipes, EVERYTHING! The key is, you have to visit all 3 blogs to get everything you need. One of us will have the post while the other two will post the feature photo and direct you to whoever is posting that day. Am I even making sense? OK, let’s make this easy, just stop back here every day, and I’ll direct you like one of those dudes at the airport with the fancy orange sticks, as to whose blog you want to visit for the deets that particular day.

So what is the Wildwood Speakeasy? Here’s a little background. A couple months ago, Laura and Grace asked me to join them on a quest. A quest to win free tickets to the Alt Summit blogger conference in Salt Lake City. We created a mood board for an uber cool mini party. Long story short, we didn’t win (however, we are still going…yep, that’s right, so exciting!), but we really wanted to follow through on our concept, and we wanted to share it with you, our sweet readers.

Wildwood Speakeasy New Years Party


We gave the party a speakeasy feel because we liked the glam of the 20s and the secretiveness and exclusivity of the whole thing. Laura and I are also big fans of the bar The Violet Hour in Chicago which we kind of modeled the idea around. It helped that we had just celebrated my birthday there a couple weeks prior. A very shwanky place. If you haven’t been and live in the Chicagoland area, I highly suggest going. The drinks are off the chain!

Today’s post will be over at Laura’s blog, Avery Street Design. She has a gorgeous, easy and inexpensive floral centerpiece that is going to knock your socks off! Literally, when I saw it, it took my breath away! Okay, I can’t stand it, must show you one of the pictures I received last week! Here’s a sneak peek.

Wildwood speakeasy theme party floral centerpieces

Oh I know you want to know how to create this bad boy! Can you imagine the look on your friends pretty little faces when they set their eyes on your kitchen island and THIS is sitting there? Front and center? Ya, I know. So go check it out here! She gives you step-by-step instructions.

So, check in here at House of Hipsters, Avery Street Design and The Big Reveal everyday this week to get everything you need to recreate this fun New Year’s Eve theme party in your own home. We made it super easy and super glam and hope you have as much fun with it as we did!

Wildwood Speakeasy New Years Party

Like I said before, we’ll have DIYs, a free download for New Year’s Eve party invitations, a fancy recipe for a specialty cocktail, instructions on how to create your very own photobooth backdrop, the floral centerpiece over at Laura’s blog today and more! It’s destined to go down as one for the books. Are you guys ready to host one rockin’ New Year’s Eve party? And oh, what the heck, here’s another sneak peek of what’s to come!

Wildwood Speakeasy New Years Party


  1. Angela Price December 8, 2014

    This is probably one of my favorite color combinations. I love the floral arrangement!

  2. Lindsey Smith December 9, 2014

    Love this party! Swanky and secretive are the perfect combinations for a New Years Eve Party to remember!

    Can you share some tips for a fellow blogger? How do you make your inspiration boards? The look amazing and I haven’t figured out the secrets to collecting my ideas on a pretty little virtual board. Please do share!

    Lindsey @ SimplySalvage

    • kyla December 9, 2014

      Hi Lindsey! So glad you stopped by to check out the Wildwood Speakeasy party! To answer your question about the inspiration boards, I use Adobe InDesign to create mine. I’m a graphic designer by trade, so I use it everyday. Grace I believe uses Polyvore. I hope that helps!

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  4. Sandra December 10, 2014

    Very classy!

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