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hello lovelies! it’s really late tonight, and i just can’t sleep…the boy is traveling on business which means momma bird stays up all night long making sure no masked bandits get in the house…i know, it’s super silly, but i have this fear that if i close my eyes, something horrible will happen, and i will sleep thru the entire ordeal. thank gawd the boy rarely travels, or i’d be walking around with bags under my eyes. but lucky for you, i’m bright eyed and bushy tailed…ready to share with you a new edition of pretty little things.

this time around, i decided to include a few things that i actually own…a select few of my most priced possessions. since i recently shared my most embarrassing to do list, i figured i needed to redeem some of my cool factor. i should also tell you, i have knocked out quite a few items off that list and this little momma is feeling quite proud herself . i think writing it down and publishing it for the world to read helped motivate me, and i can’t wait to share more of the happenings around the house…but until then, check out what’s in store for you today!

pretty little thingsbrass lotus lamp and white tulip saarinen round dining tablechesterfield green velvet sofa and caravan pacific lamp

more after the jumpFranco Albini Rattan Ottomanmirror with leather strap and brass sconcecowhide ottoman from room and boardz lounger chair by south of urbanthe perimeter tray brass and wood traywhite campaign dresser

in case you want to know where you can find one of these beauties, here are the sources
1   ///   2   ///   3   ///   4   ///   5   ///   6   ///   7   ///   8   ///   9   ///   10   ///   11   ///   12   ///   13   ///   14


  1. cowhide rug July 22, 2014

    love number 3! looks amazing.

    • kyla July 23, 2014

      i know, right!?!? that green is luscious and a chesterfield sofa is just so rich looking…put those two together and anthropologie, bam, hits it out of the park!

      so glad you found me! and thanks for chiming in!

  2. laura irion July 23, 2014

    love it all…that chair (actually two of them) is exactly what i need by my fireplace. dang, they’re gorgeous!

    • kyla July 23, 2014

      laura, i have to confess, those are the chairs that are in my front room…they were my splurge (pretty much everything else is craigslisted or flea) they are the most comfy chairs ever as well…so if you are ever in the market, i’ll give you the guy’s info…he makes them by hand

      • laura irion July 28, 2014

        oh wow! i was wondering if those were the chairs i was just seeing in your rug post. they’re amazing. when we moved in, we agreed we’d work first on the architecture of the house (it had the craziest floorplan…we’ve taken out 3 walls on the main floor and added one already, and are only half done rearranging the layout). but it’s hard because i SO want to furnish it properly now that we’re making progress! oh well, baby steps. save that phone number for me!!

        • kyla July 28, 2014

          wow, wow and wow! seriously, that is a lot of work there lady!


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