the little maus has recently discovered books, and she has a favorite that she always seems returns to. baby sees colors by karen katz seems to be one that intrigues her the most these days. she hands it (tosses it…watch your face!) at you and says, “bookie?” it’s incredibly adorable.

initially, the first page — red — was her favorite; she always pointed at the strawberry. after a few days she figured out how to turn the page to yellow and was fascinated by the duck. her little plump finger pointing to it over and over again, tap, tap, tap on the page. grandma showed her the green dinosaur on the last page and roared a bit, but little maus was scared, so we covered him up. although she soon warmed up to the dino and now likes to find him and roar too, just like grandma.

we have some other favorites in our household as well. the dude likes goodnight goodnight construction site, click clack moo: cows that type, little blue truck, and i love you stinky face. it makes me so happy to see the children discover reading. little maus can be entertained all afternoon with just her one favorite book, while the dude will chose book after book after book, completely enthralled. he loves the adventure and the excitement each story brings to his small world. and i must admit, it is one of my favorite times of the day…spending that quiet cuddle time with them, discovering by their sides.

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