Fall Home Tour

Today I’m participating in the Cozy Little House’s Blogger Fall Home Tour. Brenda asked me to join in a while back, but some how I missed her email. I found it last week while cleaning out my inbox, responded immediately in hopes to be included, and was lucky enough to have her squeeze me in. Thank you Brenda! But after she accepted, I panicked a bit. I seemed to have missed the key word “Fall” in Fall Home Tour. Uh-oh. You see, I think I’m the only blogger on the planet who does not decorate seasonally. In fact, I barely get my Christmas tree up and decorated before December 24…insert monkey covering eyes emoji.

Blogger Home Tour /// House Of Hipsters /// Living Room with a Mid Century Modern and Bohemian style and look. Click thru to read more.

I thought to myself, ok, just stop over to Target and pick up a bunch of pumpkins. Call it a day. You can do this, right? Make it all cha-cha cool. Wrong. I stood there staring wildly at the pumpkins, and then thought to myself, what on earth do I do with these? See, I told you I’m not a seasonal decorator. And then I thought to myself, duh Kyla, at House Of Hipsters we keep it real. We don’t pretend to be someone we aren’t, amirite?


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7 Tips: Buying Vintage Home Decor

A good portion of the decor in my home is vintage. Guests that visit often ask me where I got this vase, that painting or fancy rattan lounger. Much to their surprise, I know where each piece was purchase, who I purchased it from and more often than not, I have a story to go along with that particular piece. But there are a few things to remember when buying vintage home decor.

7 Tips to buying vintage for your home decor and when to buy newvia DesignSponge (photo by Honey Lake Studio)

Not only do I want my home to be functional, comfortable, and affordable, but I also want it to be unique. Buying vintage tends to satisfy that individuality. By mixing old and new I can repurpose vintage items that are found, flea, or salvaged pieces. My decor always has a story to tell and my guests usually walk away talking about my home to others.


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Design Crush: Decorating With Rattan

While perusing Chairish’s outdoor furniture selection, I stumbled upon this fancy rattan chair. The Boy had just okayed purchasing patio furniture, so the search was on. I made an offer to the seller that was soon accepted and made an appointment to pick it up. I drove a hour, walked inside his home and my heart skipped a beat, then quickly sunk. Here was quite possibly the prettiest rattan chair I’ve ever seen. There was no way in H-E-double hockey sticks this chair would be sitting outside on my patio. But what to do with it??? I had already committed to purchasing. As you all know, I kinda have a love affair with chairs. An addiction one might call it…or at least that is what The Boy calls it…and decorating with rattan was never really my thing. I mean, I did have a Franco Albini ottoman, but that was it. How would this boho rattan look with my mid-century modern clean lines. Well, I was about to find out.

Decorating with Rattan


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My Decorist Makeover Part 2

It’s been a little while since we’ve checked in on my Decorist makeover. No, no I didn’t forget. Pinky swear. I’ve actually been working on it like a mad woman. The final board arrived in my inbox the day before I left for Germany. Since I was out of the country for 2 weeks, I couldn’t order anything until after I returned. Bob, my neighbor, would have had a lot of boxes to store in his garage for me. I apologize for the delayed update. In case you don’t remember, I was presented with 2 concepts designed by Ashley Redmond, my interior designer from Decorist, and I was taking a poll from you to see which y’all liked over all.

Concept 1 kept my existing bed and added two gorgeous brass nightstands. It was light and airy and the hints of brass would bounce the light around the room. I was also obsessing over that beautiful woven chair. Here’s a peek at the board to refresh your memory.

Decorist Bedroom Makeover

Concept 2 for my Decorist makeover had similar neutral tones yet a totally different style. Ashley went with a more natural, earthy feel but still pulled in clean lines and the mid-century modern look I adored. The leathers, jutes and natural woods gave it the touch of boho that recently has been making my heart swoon…thanks to Justina Blakeney’s new book.

Decorist Bedroom Makeover

So which concept did I chose? Click thru to find out! But before that, let’s have one last look at the horrendousness of what this room use to look like, shall we? Oh and don’t forget, if you’re thinking about purchasing a Decorist package for yourself, enter the code “HIPSTER” to receive $20 off your Classic Makeover…and nope, I’m not getting anything if you use that code. We just really like each other.

Decorist Before & After Guest Bedroom Makeover


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I Make Emily Henderson Cry…or do I?

Dear Emily,

A couple months ago you some how came across my blog and read an I Make Emily Henderson Cry post. I about fell out of my chair when you wrote on my Facebook page. I do hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Since watching Secrets From A Stylist (please bring it back, I need you in my living room…but not in a creepy kinda way), I’ve learned so much about my style and how to create vignettes. I still haven’t mastered the art of mixing and matching pillows, but I swear I’m practicing.

Reading your blog and watching your videos…girl, you are a wealth of knowledge that people like me value, adore, and cherish. It’s like you’ve created your very own little army of eclectic style mixing wanna be designers. Because of you, I had the confidence to start this master bedroom makeover and know it would wind up magazine worthy. And for that, I thank you. So if you’re reading this, I hope you see how you’ve inspired me. From velvet navy headboards to brass sconces to mix and matched furniture. Mid-Century Modern with a little bit of granny as you call it. Wipe those sweet salty tears of sadness away and come out from hiding in the closet because girl, I’m about to blow your mind…I hope, fingers crossed.

There’s been some chatter…mostly started by myself…of a super secret amazingly stupendous master bedroom makeover project. Yep, it was on track for a very cool feature in a very cool magazine, but, weird shit happens sometimes and whomp, whomp, whomp, I think that game is over. It’s okay though, I’m over it…not really. Insert laughing so hard I’m crying emojis here. I still have what will soon be one dreamy little spot to lay my pretty head. That is, pending a gorgeous rug’s arrival from India, a painter who has been perpetually busy and a DIY. Note to self, stop slamming the painter get on that DIY already. Oh, and some wall art above my bed.

Because the space is not finalized (the main feature is the rug), this post is not a complete reveal (sad face), but I promise to share more then just a one picture sneak peek. I’ll also be sharing with you how everything came together, and who helped me make my master bedroom makeover happen.

Master Bedroom Makeover Mid-Century Modern


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