Beautiful Distractions No. 1

A new series coming at cha called Beautiful Distractions. What on earth does that mean you ask? Well, simply put, interesting and rad links, articles and home decor that has recently caught my attention. I’m an online shopping whore (Ya, I said it. Sad but true, and please pardon my french), so I’m constantly browsing the interwebs for the next best thing.

Beautiful Distractions. Currently Crushing and Coveting. Everything I've loved this week. Pink depression glassware from Salt House Market and The Hood Internet. Click through for more fun links on the blog.


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7 Tips: Buying Vintage Home Decor

A good portion of the decor in my home is vintage. Guests that visit often ask me where I got this vase, that painting or fancy rattan lounger. Much to their surprise, I know where each piece was purchase, who I purchased it from and more often than not, I have a story to go along with that particular piece. But there are a few things to remember when buying vintage home decor.

7 Tips to buying vintage for your home decor and when to buy newvia DesignSponge (photo by Honey Lake Studio)

Not only do I want my home to be functional, comfortable, and affordable, but I also want it to be unique. Buying vintage tends to satisfy that individuality. By mixing old and new I can repurpose vintage items that are found, flea, or salvaged pieces. My decor always has a story to tell and my guests usually walk away talking about my home to others.


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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day can sneak up one you. And nothing is worse then running out of time and not knowing what to buy. Personally, I know I’m one of the worst people to buy for, but don’t fret, I’m here to save you. Arms outstretched with a big old safety net of Mother’s Day gift ideas.

12 Mother's Day gift ideas


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Coco Carpets

A few months ago, I stumbled across the company Coco Carpets. See, I was on Pinterest late one night (no surprise there) and this a-mazing boucherouite Moroccan rug stopped me in my tracks. Now, if you’ve been watching my Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been pining away for the perfect rug. It’s become a thing. At one point I had 3 rugs I didn’t like in the basement storage room and The Boy said if I brought a new rug home, an old one had to leave the nest. ERMERGERD! Who says this kind of things! What sort of monster are you?


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15 Planners For 2015

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, buying a planner is a big damn deal. There are certain things I that are must haves. View by month section and view by week section with a break out of days and hours. Added bonus for “to-do lists” and a notes section. A big plus if there’s a pocket included. I like my planners to be fun. A little spunky, kinda like me. So today I’ve gathered up my favorite planners for 2015.

The Larger monthly Planner by Poketo



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