Dear John Hughes

Dear John Hughes,

You’ll never know how much of an influence your movies were on me in my teen years. I was a child of the 80s. I longed to be Molly Ringwald. Date Andrew McCarthy. Kiss Jake Ryan. Save Ferris. Give a diamond earring to Judd Nelson. I cut my hair short. Dyed it red. Was somewhat of an outsider. Had an air of cool punk rock. I listened to alternative music and wanted to drive a Carmen Ghia and live in Chicago. I even went so far as to drag my mother and sister to Wax Trax.

Since those days, I’ve grown up. Got a job. Have longer hair. Drive an SUV. Had babies. But looking back, I can see how those movies molded me into who I am today. Just between us, I had every single word memorized to Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful and The Breakfast Club. I recorded them to Memorex a VHS tape when they aired on TV and paused the recording thru all the commercials. The swear words were edited, but that is probably why my parents let my sister and I watch them every single day after school. Over and over again.


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Getting to Know You, Getting To Know Me

Here at House Of Hipsters I like to change it up and run this fun little post every few months. Today I’ve decided to name it “Getting To Know You, Getting To Know Me”. Mainly because I have absolutely no idea what I named it last time. It’s been WAY too long and it applies to everyone. My readers from 2 years ago, brand new readers from yesterday, friends—old and new, and me…obvs. I’m not saying mandatory participation, but it’s more fun when you chime in. Last October was the last time we played this game. If you missed it, you can read it here. ERMERGERD! So much has happened in the last few months and so many new faces. This is necessary you guys. We’re making this friendship bond stronger then ever!

Get to know you, get to know me



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New Year’s Resolutions 2015

I normally don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I’ve made an exception. Since this blog has grown, I have new expectations of myself. New ideas. New ways of thinking. I’ve learned a few lessons. Some good. Some bad. I’ve tried resolutions in the past only to fail, falling flat on my face. This time around I’ve decided to make resolutions that are realistic and attainable. Goals I know I can conquer and feel good about. I’m planning out my life a bit more to make room for the little things that matter the most.

New Year's Resolutions



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Mixtape Playlist

In my teen years, if we were friends, you probably received a mixtape from me. I probably spent hours pouring over cassette after cassette trying to find the most perfect song that I thought you might just love. More often then not, it was indie music. Something obscure you’d never heard before, and my hopes were that you’d love a certain band just as much as I did. Growing up in a small rural town in Wisconsin made it difficult to find anything that wasn’t Top 40 or Country. But I lived close enough to Madison, and State Street had great college record stores that fed my need for something different.

H I T   P L A Y   T O   L I S T E N


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Surprise, It’s Your Birthday!

Well, not really. My birthday is actually a couple weeks away, but last weekend The Boy pull one over on me. Which I have to be honest with you…is not an easy task. I can sense anything unusual happening in the house like a hipster without his beard and beanie. I knew something was up because I asked him if I could go to the Kinfolk Weekend Retreat at Camp Wandawega. Oh sure, of course, have fun…wait, what weekend are we talkin’ about here? October 17-18. Suddenly a look of panic crossed his face, and he says, “That’s opening weekend for duck hunting.” Ummm, ok…hunt Sunday rather than Saturday. Problem solved. I pushed a tiny bit more…I really wanted to go! He finally said, “Don’t ask questions and DO NOT get upset. You can go any other day except October 18.” Well darn! And quite mysterious.

Friday he tells me to pack an overnight bag for Saturday night. Are we going to Paris? Are we? Are we? Are we? Ya, NO! BUT, we ARE going out. Ummm, ok. What about our children??? You do remember we have children, right? Covered. Apparently grandma and grandpa were coming down. SWEET! Where we going? Can’t tell ya that. Well darn!

Saturday morning I was told to be ready at 1PM, and we promptly left at 2:15PM sharp…it’s how I roll. I also asked how I should dress. Normally I’m a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal, but if we’re going out on the town, I need to play the part. I’m instructed skirt over jeans. Right on, something cute is in order.

Traffic into the city was pretty horrendous, but we finally made it to Destination #1. The Thompson Hotel Chicago. We had stayed here a couple months prior for for a wedding. Let me tell you, this place rocks. Super swank and funky as all get out. The staff, oh so sweet. And they pipe in the most amazing smell to the lobby. Seriously, I want my entire house and body to smell like this. It’s like the best candle and perfume wrapped with in bow. If someone at The Thompson is reading this, please, I’m begging you…please tell me the scent. I must have it.

The Thompson Hotel Chicago Lobby


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