Beautiful Distractions No. 1

A new series coming at cha called Beautiful Distractions. What on earth does that mean you ask? Well, simply put, interesting and rad links, articles and home decor that has recently caught my attention. I’m an online shopping whore (Ya, I said it. Sad but true, and please pardon my french), so I’m constantly browsing the interwebs for the next best thing.

Beautiful Distractions. Currently Crushing and Coveting. Everything I've loved this week. Pink depression glassware from Salt House Market and The Hood Internet. Click through for more fun links on the blog.



Be it music, glassware, a funky table cloth, a cute outfit or a fun, hip post, I’m pretty confident you’ll like at least one, if not all. I also post these to the House Of Hipsters Facebook page, but I quickly realized, only a few of you might be seeing this eye candy. Sad face! So, we’re going to shoot for posting this new series once a week, but it might be every other week. I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop of cool. We don’t really have a plan here at HOH, we just kinda wing it. That usually makes life more interesting. Plus, this is a way for me to quickly pop in a say hello and give you a virtual hug. So here are today’s Beautiful Distractions for the week. Be ready to fall in love *sigh*.

Charming little teacups of pink depression glass that make me squeal.

The best little Daft Punk vs. The Weeknd Mash Up. Listen to the MP3.

In case you missed it. This fancy cocktail recipe. An orange party in my mouth!

This fun little DIY Modern Yarn Wall Hanging.

Rue Magazine featured a cute little ditty about one of my favorite bloggers, Emmadime. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to watch the video. She’s adorable and an incredibly talented graphic designer.

Home decor that doesn’t break the bank. This vase and this mid-century modern chair and this cozy throw blanket.

What’s the bomb? These wide leg crops of course! This style is trending and super hot right now. snap a pair up while you can.

Magical tassels and boho dreaming…must have this in my life. Sweet dreams.

Not only the prettiest, but the raddest new account on Instagram (okay, I might be partial because it’s my new project). @ihavethisthingwithpink Follow along and hashtag #ihavethisthingwithpink to be featured!



  1. Cuckoo4Design September 23, 2015

    Oh we have the same taste in music!!!! Daft Punk is one of my favorites. And love Amy’s wall hanging!

  2. mscherylsingleton September 23, 2015

    In the modern age of short attention spans, what a great idea to get information across and quickly.

    • kyla September 25, 2015

      I have so many bookmarks and random websites open on my phone. I figure this is also a good way for me to kinda remember things too!

  3. Carmen September 24, 2015

    I love depression glass and loving the tassel duvet cover!! I will be following your insta account – I have this thing with pink also! Lol

    • kyla September 25, 2015

      Wahoo! I’m so glad you liked a few of the “distractions”. Sometimes you need a few during the day!

  4. nicole September 25, 2015

    I want that! Pretty color, we love Pink and Gold together. About that chair, its gorgeous!


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